Shobhit Joshi – Inspiring story of a Digital Networker and the man behind Freedom Lifestyle Hub

With the world growing digital, it is properly argued that the attitude to networking is the sole critical aspect that defines success. Since the Pandemic’s refuge, the world has changed, and we now live in a completely different commercial environment, with little chance of businesses returning to their old state. That is where the digital networker, as a solution, comes to the rescue for the smooth operation of organizations. Since the launch of Freedom Lifestyle Hub, renowned digital networker and online business analyst Shobhit Joshi has been recognized to be on the tribe with a new marketing approach by adding value to over 300 people.

Based out of Uttarakhand Kotdwara 22-year-old Shobhit Joshi is a UPSC Aspirant turned Digital networker and online Business Analyst. His journey towards a successful Digital networker was never smooth and straightforward. After dropping out from B Pharma in 2018 Shobhit started his E-commerce Business in 2019 but unfortunately, he could not make any mark in the field of entrepreneurship back then due to the lack of Guidance. He felt terrible about the dearth of ideas of execution, lack of digital tools knowledge, unemployment, loss of time, effort, and money. However, he never allowed his self-esteem to go down the drain and still kept his vision intact. He focused on the keys to making his vision successful, he took the time to learn the key success factors that helped him build a roadmap for his venture Freedom Lifestyle Hub.

As apparent, the year 2020 changed everything, and the digital and e-Commerce sectors experienced exceptional and unanticipated growth, which had appeared to thrive amid the Covid 19 crisis, with a speeding up of digital transformation. On the one hand, traditional businesses were failing and people were losing their jobs, while enterprises like Amazon were growing their workforce. According to estimates, the online market in India will be worth US$ 188 billion by 2025. That was the period in June 2020 when Shobhit’s life was changed forever by virtual networking. He identified a niche for making money online, honed his communication and sales talents, and built a business around it in the name of Freedom Lifestyle Hub.

Shobhit is on a mission to redefine the education and employment system by creating a new breed of digital entrepreneurs. Through his venture Freedom Lifestyle Hub he teaches and consults people to build a knowledge business from scratch to 1 lakh rupees per month and helps people solve their problems online.

In reality, in the digital era, virtual networking and online marketing have become critical to doing business. In the marketing and sales environment, social networks are the primary point of reference as a medium for people to increase their visibility. Shobhit, too, began diversifying his income streams by generating money from YouTube, affiliate marketing, digital networker marketing, and digital products. He was able to develop a new kind of relationship with his viewers, clients, and everyone else in his professional environment thanks to his tenacity and “never say no” mentality.

Indeed, networking has become more formalized, and Shobhit has a long-term goal of establishing long-term partnerships based on mutual benefit. He has hosted over 80 online events for professionals, all of which were designed to have a greater impact on attendance. Shobhit had mentored over 300 people and created lasting relationships through online networking as part of his mission to work less and live more.

“I am working on the vision of helping people achieve their Life, Career, and Money Goals,” Shobhit ends. If you need some advice or are planning to work with me, please do not hesitate to contact me; I will be happy to assist you.”

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