“Shikha Pandey – The story of resounding success with RESORT_N_HOTEL.”

With the massive development of the Indian women entrepreneurial ecosystem, women represent everywhere at the global level with each passing day that is no less than an inspiration. In a country like India, many wonderful women had soared higher and ventured on the path of entrepreneurship, overcoming personal struggles and challenges. These women have been an inspiration to other women like Shikha Pandey, an addition in the crusade who approached her work as a hotelier with Resort N Hotels in a whole new way embedded with passion and dedication.

With her intensive knowledge in the hospitality industry, the multiple award-winning entrepreneurs Shikha Pandey founded Resort N Hotels in the year 2005 with a mission to make the stay unforgettable with a mesmerizing experience striving to get the most beautiful, luxurious, and romantic resorts on a single platform. Her approach behind the establishment of Resort N Hotels is unique that revolves around her passion for delivering direct marketing business for the clients with an experience and focusing on the situational environment. 

Resorts and Hotels work with upscale stand-alone hotels in Goa to grow their business from existing and new market opportunities by strategized and more effective marketing techniques. They aim to provide their clients with exceptional results through individually designed services such as the luxurious rooms and suites of the resorts, providing the clients with an excellent deal to book their comfort and relax in the lap of waves with the sun-kissed beaches. Ultimately the amenities are the fantastic way to WOW the guests, and it is the greatest USP that eventually shapes the portion of any marketing in the Hotel Industry. In addition to the marketing of Resorts and Hotels company has also stepped into events planning.

Shikha always wanted her clients to recognize their stay at hotels and resorts differently because she feels the experiences and amenities every hotel offers can make a big difference in the growth of the business. She aims to provide her clients with distinguished hotels and resorts with distinguished services corresponding to their daytime and nighttime needs. Her Resort N Hotels made sure that the clients are accompanied with several pleasant idleness to business meetings, leisure and sports activities, and so on. She feels every client should feel at home and expects nothing less. The experience of the customer talks and goes a long way in making the guest’s stay more enjoyable.

Confidence is the key element that either builds a person or none. Situations in Hospitality Industry at times become competitive, aggressive, and even harsh. For Shikha Pandey also confidence was that critical element that kept her going by remaining true to herself and finding her voice by making up where she is through hard work and perseverance despite facing various challenges. Shikha is well known amongst her team for her calmness, cooperative nature, vast knowledge in the Hotel Industry, and her exceptional positive attitude, which has driven the growth of Resort N Hotels into a truly best organization. The distinguishing feature of Resort N Hotels reflects from its excellent service, just like heartbeat and focus on its clients and staying one step ahead of the competition with innovation. Subsequently, exceptional client service is essential in the hospitality Industry to obtain clients’ loyalty. By creating such WOW factors, Resorts N Hotels have increased the number of its loyal customers.

Indeed the roaring success of Shikha Pandey is shedding some light on how women can navigate a hospitality career is undoubtedly a watershed moment in the hospitality Industry with shattering the glass ceiling of gender bias into a professional working environment, a healthier and more profitable one with a vision to learn and expand each day. Shikha innovates working ideas with various strategies that emerge with her entrepreneurship skills and business management. Her hard work was honored with the best Indian Icon Business award for a travel agency in Goa.

She believes persistence and consistency is the only key to success. She was a woman who had single-handedly been credited to bring forth the elegance and satisfactory authenticity in the space of hotels and Resorts. But this was not achieved without incessant toil and daily challenges against tremendous odds have sharpened her skills, taught her how to cope with pressure, and made her understand what it takes to run this business in the space of hotels and resorts.

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