“Shatrughan Tripathi is an Artist Manager, Brand & Marketing professional.”

Managing any event is quite a challenging job. It is a task revolving around a person’s creativity that can make any event a memorable experience. Talking about such a personality – Shatrughan Tripathi, a man with a big heart filled with passion and his exhilarating journey in the Indian Artist Management industry.

Shatrughan Tripathi started his career as an event promoter when he was 16 years old. At that time, he worked as a nightlife promoter. Taking on new challenges and exploring new ideas became his hobby. Gradually he started managing college festivals with an agency in his hometown. His dedication and professionalism were straightforward, which was the reason that took him high to touch the sky. As the days passed, he began collaborating with the big best agencies in India and started handling events at a significant scale. He remained steadfast in his true mission with his top-notch service, excellent event planning, and out-of-the-box solution to all problems.

Shatrughan completed his graduation from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. Later, he moved to Mumbai to pursue his post-graduation in Media & Entertainment from Welingkar Institute of Management. While he was in Kirori Mal College, he was the President of two societies, and since that time, he was responsible for organizing events and festivals. He led a team of 40+ students to execute Kirori Mal Youth Parliament, Women Conclave & Annual Fest of his Department, which saw a footfall of more than 5000 students in total.

Besides being an event manager, Shatrughan had played a significant role in supporting the artists with their requirements. Indeed, behind every eminent artist, there remains a dedicated manager who helps the artists get the contracts negotiated with clients, touring, budgeting with 360-degree management and Shatrughan is one such skillful artist manager who handles the professional development of the renowned artists with whom he has completed more than 100 shows across the country.

Shatrughan has also worked with Red FM for their IP ‘Riders Music Festival.’ He was heavily involved with the coordination of all the artists with their managers to deliver end-to-end execution. He used to keep a close check on everything so that there was no chaos during the Riders Music Festival. He certainly enjoyed his job as an artist manager, something that he has always dreamt of!

Currently, he is working at REPRESENT, a multi-genre agency managing the country’s top talents like Armaan Malik, Anuv Jain, Lost Stories, Zaeden, DJ Chetas, and many more. He had made himself a name with his dedication and hard work since his early days as a promoter.

As they say ‘being passionate is the key to success is accurate, and Shatrughan’s journey is the live example. He had proved that determination, conviction, and a strong desire could get you to do wonders in life.

He concluded by saying, “Listen to your heart and follow your dream it will definitely bring about the greatest results in life.”https://www.instagram.com/Shatrughanx

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