Shankar Kulkarni is helping Working Professionals learn 5 Strategies in 5 Days Class at 5.55 am.

Uncertainty is a part of life, but it should not be a part of your financial status. Mr Shankar Kulkarni has been working with numerous working professionals to provide them with a financially confident life.

Post-COVID, the lookout towards finance has changed tremendously. Where only a bunch of people understood the importance of savings and trading, now almost all have learned that depending upon a single source of income is never enough. What is more important, is that a person should have faith and confidence in the ways they capitalize. This is where Mr Shankar Kulkarni can help the person. 

Waking up early to study, do yoga, or manage health is a well-known concept, but Mr Shankar Kulkarni has introduced the power of financial freedom at 5.55 am. Before the world wakes up, you can learn how to rule your financial world.

The course ‘MORNING MARKET MIRACLES’ has been a miraculous transformation for the course takers. More than 6421 people have managed to learn to trade and make significant profits out of it. As Shankar says, trading is much more than just numbers, it is about logic, mind, manifestation, and proper timing.

The course is covered in 5 sessions which primarily work on making the candidate better at managing and earning finances, and it helps the candidate earn a better lifestyle and mindset.

The first session is about creating the right mindset and tuning your frequency for profits. The second session is about learning the technical parts of trading with modules like Intro to 9 STEP Profit System, Entry-Exit Tool for Profits. The rest of the sessions work on building winning strategies, thriving the practices, and finally mastering the skills and planning to make money work hard for you.

Mr Shankar is referred to as the financial confidence coach. When dug deep into these terms, we found that a Financial Confidence Coach is the person who helps you take control of your financial situation and gives you a much stronger chance of fulfilling the goals that matter to you. Understanding more, confidence has always been the strongest suit of any leader or successful person, therefore when a person takes complete control over his finances, he takes a step towards success.

True financial confidence means that a person is not bound to any job or steady paying source. People sometimes work more than 12 hours to get a financially confident life but only some achieve it. Even if you save a ton of money in your account, or you have a high-paying job, you might lose that in a blink, but if you are financially confident, you’ll earn it back. Financial freedom is about having the skills to financially sustain your lifestyle despite economic times.

India’s first and very own Financial Confidence Coach Shankar Kulkarni is making a huge difference one session at a time. He is not only helping people earn financial freedom but also preparing them for any hard time that may fall upon them. He is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial freedom most easily and quickly as possible.

Mr Shankar Kulkarni has a vision and he is determined to achieve it. His mission is to help 1 Lakh people become Financially Confident by 2025. And that is precisely why he wasn’t hesitant about initiating a special course at 5.55 am, so that he can reach the maximum audience and help transform their lives. 

There was a time when he saw the down curve of the economy. He used to skip breakfast so that he could afford a proper meal at lunch. He suffered the time politely and humbly and believed that someday he will see the rise of his dreams. Hard work paid off, and today he is financially free and confident. 

He wishes that no other person has to go through the downside, and if someone is going through it, he wants to help them shorten the time by 60%. Mr Shankar Kulkarni knows the value of each penny and understands how one penny can be turned into bucks. That is why he believes in communicating this message and passing on the learnings that he got from his experience to as many people as he can.

Life is never easy for anybody and no matter how much we wish to ignore it, ‘money makes life easier!’. Therefore, if a person is looking for ways to make their life easy or just create the life they have imagined, they need to be financially confident. Or at least start taking the steps towards it.

The is a mix of Recorded and LIVE sessions. If you are a beginner in stock market, you will get the Beginner’s Guide to go through and every day at 5.55 am you will be learning LIVE with Shankar Kulkarni. His 5 Days Class includes a lot of self assessment tools, calculators, stock scanners and Quizzes to enrich your knowledge in the Field of Stock Market Trading and Investing.

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