January 30, 2023
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Setting up benchmarks – Spearheading the adoption of AI and its applications towards consumerism.

Setting up benchmarks – Spearheading the adoption of AI and its applications towards consumerism.

All the excellent Artificial Intelligence Research & Technologies, but when was the last time your businesses benefitted from them?

As stated by Mr. Marc Benioff, 

“What I see is an AI-first world, and for every customer… is to be able to get a whole another generation of productivity out of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.”  

If one stays by the quote, they indeed are a long way from approaching the levels of productivity and growth as envisioned by him.

This is the gap the team at Alpha AI wants to bridge. They are a research-driven organization aiming to be one of the global catalysts for promoting scientific research and building products that shall be leveraged and built for widespread public benefit. They feel an innovation can only be made successful with an idea, a critical, hungry leader, a growth-oriented team & a set plan. 

The team aims to achieve its goals by leveraging the current market needs and creating its niche. For the current market needs, the team intends to assist start-ups and small to medium-size businesses, to design, develop and implement AI-driven products and solutions for their business requirements. 

Whereas when talking about establishing Alpha AI’s niche within the market, the team is extensively leveraging a consumer-centric approach and developing their in-house products in a way that suits each customer’s working style, personality, behavior, and lifestyle. 

Further adding to their innovation is their research capabilities in sectors they have explored, namely Travel technology, Legal technology, Healthcare, Medicine, Autonomous Systems, and Sustainable Energy, all of which have patent-pending solutions. 

Alpha AI’s competitive advantage primarily lies in their objective to fill in the potential gap of consumerism left untapped by their competitors (also our role models) in the industrial setup, that are Facebook Research (FAIR), OpenAI, Graphcore, AlwaysAI, MS Research, and Google’s Deep mind as well as University Research groups. 

These companies have a strong market position, global recognition, and accessibility of resources to advance state-of-the-art technologies. However, their weakness lies in not being customer-centric and consequently a slower adoption of AI in traditional businesses. 

At Alpha AI, the team is catering to this drawback while establishing their brand by running into strategic alliances and collaborations to leverage their connections and offer deployable AI solutions.

In the words of the Co-founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Tushar Bhatnagar

“My relationship with technology started way before I could comprehend the word ‘technology.’ Being a curious child, my passion was always into breaking and re-building things. In my childhood, my play-toys were my gadgets which were considerably different from what other kids had. I would always look for something dynamic and had a purpose. Something I can open and re-structure, like repurposing old remote-control cars, planes, and old gadgets into something new like custom devices, chat modules, sensors, home automation devices, expert systems, etc.

As I grew up, my penchant for innovation grew profound. My constant aim in life has been to always look at things differently. If someone asks me what my favorite thing to do is to give and gain value. 

This is what drives me to communicate with my team efficiently and put my best self into work. My deeper dive into AI was accelerated after completing my master’s in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Bristol. As a Researcher, I worked on both industrial and academic projects for start-up companies, tech giants, and public sector institutions on a wide range of topics from natural language processing, machine learning, recommender systems, telemedicine, mental health, electric vehicles, and autonomous robotics. 

To me, Alpha AI reflects who I am starting from childhood until now. Being more than just a brand at Alpha AI, I want to test new technologies and tap unfamiliar industries bringing them all together to put forward our best foot for our world. This is because I firmly believe that successful brands of the future care about people.”

What excites the team at Alpha AI the most is that Artificial Intelligence’s adoption in businesses will help their clientele improve their operations and enable and empower them to receive the quality like never before. 

This shall improve the lives of the people in unexpected ways across the globe. Thus, one’s journey in the AI world shall not be temporary, relatively complete. 

They look forward to revolutionizing the way they see our world by building safe AI systems to solve modern problems while promoting scientific discovery. At Alpha AI, one of their goals is to be a unicorn start-up by the end of 2030.



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