Sensidew is a well-accepted and a known brand in the medical fraternity. It is a gold standard, Grade – 1 moisturizing true soap. It is different from regular soap / syndet bar (synthetic detergent) because the soap contains unique skin-like ingredients and bioactive that boosts the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) present in our skin.

Skin-like ingredients play a crucial role in trapping moisture from the atmosphere, keeping skin moisturized and free of skin problems at all times. More than 5 lakh consumers have already experienced the efficacy of Sensidew’s irritant-free solution. Customers love the Sensidew soap line because it moisturizes their skin for up to 70 hours without clogging the pores.

Back in 2007, Madura Joshi, after her Post graduation in Microbiology, worked as an assistant training manager for a pharmaceutical firm, where she learned about the therapeutic properties of molecules, their reactions, efficacy, characteristics, side effects, and many more. Now it has been more than a decade in the field of training and marketing a vast range of products.

In 2011, Madura considered establishing her own business, unfortunately, it took her a few years to come with the right product as she was in search of a science-based product that should heal the skin problem or should work as an adjuvant therapy to boost the healing process. The study of molecules and analyzing data from around the world was crucial for her as she wanted to establish a brand that provides one-of-a-kind products to customers while making sure to not compromise the quality of the products or undue side effects to the consumer.

After years of hard work, fortunately, things started falling in place, she got a right person (A medal-winner in oil & soap technology) who developed and designed specialty soaps, she then had a chance to meet a senior pharmacist who helped her to choose the mildest, safest yet effective molecule, while she herself got involved in conceptualizing, packaging, and placing the products at different platforms. The outcome was amazing, the soaps developed by them were accepted by the consumers as it has no side effects, 0% irritancy, the total fatty matter (TFM) is above 76%, and most importantly, unlike other soaps it does not dry and block the skin pores.  They have a range of soaps that heals dry, oily, acne-prone, fungal, and bacterial infection-prone skin, along with 70 plus hour moisturizing effect. Sensidew products are recommended by top skin specialists in the country because they are gentle and safe for the skin. All of Sensidew’s products are FDA-approved in India, assuring that only the highest quality of materials is used to produce them. That’s not all, Madura also made it her objective to make sure all Sensidew products are free of animal cruelty, and are never tested on animals.

Receiving so much good input from customers around the globe, Madura and her team of researchers have now decided to take the company to the next big step and following on from their successful line of skincare goods, they will shortly be releasing haircare products in the market as well.

For more information about Madura and her brand click on the links given below:

Instagram: @sensidewcare

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Contact No.-08390364050.

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