Secure your online business with Macksofy Technology’s Top-notch cyber security services along with new-gen Digital marketing services

Online Businesses are prone to cybersecurity threats; secure it with the best Cybersecurity trainer Yasir Shaikh.”

Macksofy Technology, a venture by Yasir Shaikh, is a new generation Website designing company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra,that helps the new generation businesses build a fantastic website and its security services to help its target audience. As a matter of course, excellent website development is incomplete without the three mechanisms as Development for a responsive site, security and testing to secure yourself, and Branding and marketing to reach your potential customers. 

28-year-old Yasir is the titleholder of ‘Best Cybersecurity trainer’ by the CSI. With extensive knowledge of cyber security, he has been educating people worldwide about how minor negligence by businesses can make the entire business collapse once it falls under the trap of hackers. A study reveals that hackers have attacked more than 60% of online businesses as most online businesses reach out to the maximum number of people worldwide. To save your business from hackers, Yasir Shaikh has taken the initiative to help everyone learn the know-how about protecting money, data, and, most importantly, your brand value from the hands of the attackers. 

How can you secure your online business? Well, Yasir provides phenomenal tips and tricks for every online business security.

– prioritize your email security as it is Pivotal.

   Email security is critical as we exchange lots of emails from known as well as unknown sources. It’s mandatory to apprehend that the number of emails received by the full strength of your organization from an unknown source can infect your system with ransomware. However, this can be avoided if you can act smartly and be proactive to avoid such issues.

– Pick secure hosting service

Besides a good and attractive website, a reliable web hosting service provider is mandatory. To ensure that the company is PCI compliant, it will help you to acknowledge the fact that your site’s payment and checkout processes are safe.

– Strong password to avoid getting hacked

Make sure your password comprises upper case and lower case characters, along with special symbols and numbers, so it is not easy to crack by anyone. Additionally, regular password change and setting a two-factor authentication can become difficult for a hacker to crack the password.

– Update your software

Regular updation of software can reduce the risk of threat from cybercriminals. The software must not go out of service as this increases the risk of the system getting attacked by cybercriminals. Instead, choose to set all your programs so that it would install the updates automatically.

– Secure your network with anti-virus and anti-malware

You have to be wiser to choose a network with malware cleanup features that will help in keeping your system secure before the users. 

– Choose frequent backups

Regular backup can help protect both your website and its data. This ensures files are recovered in case of any cyber attack. This way, data also remains secure even if you are reluctant at times.

Every business is the most prized possession and so are their securities. With the advancement of technology being on the upside, we cannot ignore the downside. Every online business goes through leaps and bounds, so cybersecurity threats can’t be ignored. Build a well-planned strategy for your business by keeping cybersecurity at its edge and other kinds of stuff.

Yasir Shaikh has been awarded the title of “Best Cyber Security Trainer” in 2018 By CSI. With over six years of experience, Mr. Yasir is an official trainer for Maharashtra Police and the Indian Navy. At 26, he has trained more than 2000 students and more than ten colleges, corporate, and government officials. The premium Corporate, MNC’s, Government organizations, and Banks have been availing his security solutions for a safe and secured business flow.

They strive to provide the best services to elevate their client’s overall business growth even amid a competitive business environment. With a team of experts from an IT background, innovative ideas, and rich professional skills, Macksofy Technology has secured many clients amongst large and medium-sized businesses. Secure your online business now with Yasir and his team so that no number of cyber threats can stop you from reaching your peak.

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