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People generally ask us, who is your most prestigious kind of student? Why do they seek another language? The answer to this question is a rigorous one to nail down, but we are offering that Spanish & French course with better infra and expert native faculties. Many of our students are learning Spanish& French language to prepare for upcoming travel, connect with family, or join our growing multicultural community. Yet more and more, we see another type of student – those looking to connect with others at their workplace.

We provide, local business owners jump into our Spanish classes to learn to communicate more effectively with some of their employees. They seek to learn the language and cultural norms around communication, family, and work. Other students are preparing for work trips across the Pacific, seeking to understand the basics of Spanish & French. These small class settings allow people to ask questions specific to their needs to be fully prepared for their work situations and MNCs.

Spanish & French Program- (Spanish & French for Everyone)

The most comprehensive and leading Spanish & French program that suits everyone who wants guaranteed results. It suits beginners as well as those with some knowledge of Spanish & French. Learn with the people of your level. With continuous improvement over many levels, you can even speak Spanish & French as if it’s your first language.

Job Skills Program – (Brush up your Spanish to get better jobs)

It is specially designed for job seekers to prepare them with essential Spanish& French language skills crucial in getting good jobs. You will polish up your Spanish & French and learn new skills. Focus on Group Discussion, Personality Development, Interview Skills and Email writing.

Career Skills Program – (Spanish & French communication skills for your workplace)

With flexible timing, this program is best suited for working people. Learn negotiation skills, Email writing. Presentation skills & meeting/telephoning skills.

DELE – SIELE& DELF – TEF — (Systematic preparation program) –

The Dele – Siele & TEF – DELF preparation program at the School of Spanish & French helps students with each of the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking, to develop acceptable proficiency in Spanish and French language. Get ready to pass the Dele test with ease.

Spanish & French for Kids – 

Covid break, including (Summer and winter) break, is an excellent opportunity to give your children the school of Spanish & French advantage. The kid’s program is not like a School class – our experts act as a guide who encourages children to learn while having fun.

School of Spanish & French with Advantage-

  • Professional learning atmosphere where you learn by speaking, not by lectures, studying or cramming.
  • Experienced teachers, international method.
  • Small class, each student gets attention, guidance and encouragement from teachers.
  • Online support, practical lesson in email writing.
  • Presentation and Interview skills which you can apply immediately.

Brief glimpse about founder –

Learning a foreign language is easy and fun at the School of Spanish & French. Sharik Usmani is the founder of School and Spanish & French. He was a Founder. He has been honoured by Global Business Award by glorious actress Prachi Desai. He has gone through many language expert programs…as a result, he has invented such a way to learn a language with fun. Under his supervision, more than 500+ students have been placed nationally & internationally.

 Contact us on: 9211850-850

 Come & Join the success path with us!

#1 Spanish & French language Institute in Delhi, NCR.

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