Satendra Upadhyay has the perfect solution for fitness freaks!

Originally Satendra Upadhyay has was operating his family business (as a manufacturer of women’s clothes). Although he was happy doing what he was supposed to, internally wanted to explore more in his life. So he finally decided to do some internet experiments using his expertise which also helped him gain experience.

Now after years of training and research, he has become a fitness enthusiast. The entail stages of pursuing his dream weren’t easy for him but after a lot of hard work, he has now arrived at the point where he can disseminate the proper knowledge and information about fitness and health through his website, “Fit Hut – Fitness | Health” is his brand name, and as the name implies, his website is about fitness and health-related articles where individuals may obtain solutions/answers to their health or fitness-related concerns. It is not just any fitness website but one that derives information from individuals from real-life scenarios and experiences.

Satendra started his brand In 2020 ( during the covid-19 lockdown period). Being a fitness fanatic for 10-11 years he has learned a lot about health and fitness. His website Fit Hut covers all fitness and health-related information that is catered to everyone. Surprisingly that’s not all the website contains, it also gives a unique opportunity to people who are not able to discover any of their questions/information/problems on the website as they can easily raise questions and queries via the “ask me” option on the websites that will directly be answered by the fitness fanatic Satendra himself. This not only gives his website a unique feel but also makes it extremely friendly, interactive, and personal for the reader.

Every piece of content on his website has been thoroughly vetted and cross-checked to ensure that customers receive accurate answers to their questions/information/problems. Satendra is a true believer in spreading correct information and goes beyond his way to ensure that. He also provides affiliated goods on his website and before doing so he makes sure that the product itself is worthy of his readers while being completely authentic and effective.

When he was a newcomer to the fitness industry, he joined a gym and was extremely thin/slim, therefore his gym owner/coach/trainer recommended numerous supplements to help Satendra grow more muscular muscle. Unfortunately, the products that Satendra was given were not of high quality and he didn’t notice any visible results due to their phony nature.

This was the incident that led to him doing numerous online researches on how to build muscle, which product will be more beneficial for his health according to his body structure. Tragically, no matter how many times he researched for these questions the internet failed to provide him with actual genuine answers making him comprehend that finding real & genuine health and fitness-related information and solutions in writing is not an easy task.

Then for a few years, he did some more thorough research and finally started his youtube channel where he shared his knowledge about food supplements information, effects they have before and after using them. Gradually his channel started to grow into a big community of followers and he found people started liking his content appreciating his authenticity and knowledge while being bedazzled by his outer appearance that showcases the work and effort he has put into his physique.

However, in the 2020 lockdown, his family business came to a halt, and he realized that he could continue his earlier concept of providing true and proven reviews and provide actual information about fitness and health that may assist people all over the world. Though the lockdown was beneficial for the fitness sector as people around the world become conscious about their bodies, Satendra was still worried that after the lockdown was over he wouldn’t have time to produce films. So he decided to share his expertise only through his online website simply because he realized that can write from anywhere in the globe while traveling and finally created his femur website www.fithut.inA true and authentic source of health and fitness knowledge with solutions”.

Over the span of a few months his websites received an exceptionally good amount of traffic and People enjoy his writings since when they discovered authenticity and truths in them while also realizing that Satendra will never betray one’s confidence in him. His Google analytics spans from traffic range from 5k to 20k per month from Google and other search engines.

To further contact Satendra regarding your questions and queries click on the links below and get started with your fitness journey towards a healthy lifestyle today!



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Instagram: @being_real_daksh 

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Twitter: @daksh_upadhyay

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