Samba Chandra Dey – Inspiring story of the emerging Cinematographer.

Samba Chandra Dey is a cinematographer with rich experience of 10 years in the film Industry of Telugu, Kannada and Bollywood. Thirty-nine-year-old Samba Chandra Dey is based out of West Bengal and is gearing up to step into the Punjabi Film Industry. He claims of working on a project in Hariyanvi film Industry. He started his career in 2011. Samba had learned cinematography from Australia and worked as a director and screenplay writer for two years.

 Before a script turns into a movie, it requires transforming those descriptions into moving images. Cinematography becomes essential to the filmmaking process as defined ‘cinematography’ is the art and technology of making motion pictures. A screenwriter is the one who creates the story and a director who guides the performance of the actor, but it is the cinematographer who permanently captures the story and the actors in it. Samba is that ace cinematographer who brings a story to life visually, and he works for specific scenes and different types of scenes to fulfill the overall vision.

Though Samba has an artistic eye for framing shots, his simplicity and honesty didn’t come out well in the eyes of some producers, and due to this, he was often misjudged. But, his steadfast dedication and determination towards his work have always been the best. His straightforwardness has always been a struggle that is often misinterpreted.

Unlike other outsiders, Samba had also been the victim of nepotism and favouritism always. Nepotism in the film industry has a substantial negative impact than any positive one, and this has become suffocating for the deserving Samba who have no godfathers in the Industry. The right talent of Samba has been in the shadow, and he has faced many hurdles in terms of acquiring a job. Though he does not belong to a so-called filmy family, he remained his dream intact with a hope that would respect and acknowledge his talent.

Samba feels immensely grateful for Mr Raju Sir, whose support beside him can never be repaid. He is the one who had helped Samba to enter into Telugu film Industry. He provided him with the work of HOD in CCL for the camera department. Now Samba credits his achievements in Telugu film Industry to Mr Raju, sir. He was felicitated with the title of youngest DOP in Visakha Utsav in 2016; legendary singer Usha Utthup felicitated the award. In the world of Samba, Mr Raju sir came as a blessing for him. 

Samba admits about the sacrifice of his wife Ruchira Dey Bose during his early days, and it was his wife only who was the breadwinner of the family when he had no work in the early days of his career. There was a time when he just had 10 rupees in his pocket, and it was his wife who supported him financially until now when he has everything. Samba doesn’t feel hesitant of admitting the truth publicly. Now Samba has created a niche for himself over the years until his career kicked off. As a friend and a strong pillar of support, his beloved wife balanced the responsibility of each other. Samba was passionate about his work, and he kept his dreams and passion intact, and his wife was the only one who acknowledged his passion and encouraged him to rise higher. Indeed their hard work and sacrifice paid off!

Samba had directed two short films that were highly accredited in International film festivals as the best creative film. He was honoured as the best director, and his short film was appreciated in the category of best innovative story, best social films, best actor, and many more. He has done a great job and pulled out the best of whatever circumstances he had to deal with. 

He shares, “GOUTAMI PUTRA MALADI is one of my best experiences…as I got the opportunity to work with national award-winning director respected AMZAD BABU SIR…and got to learn a lot…”

Samba’s early struggling days and how he overcame desperation in his career to achieve success is the most notable here. He endured his share of failures and rejections as an aspiring cinematographer and director. Amid significant hardships in life, he chose to keep working harder, keeping his passion strong. His life story is truly inspiring to people out there. His persistence and self faith with confidence marked his remarkable success by far and even shortly as he is looking forward to cracking a few more projects in the pipeline.

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