Samaneu Satheesh – Awarded by us for his contribution to society and to applaud his work. A Star who shines with his own light.. A self-made man!

Seldom do we come across individuals who work selflessly towards the betterment of the society and Samaneu Satheesh is one such Mega Star who not only shines with his own light but also brightens up lives of others.

Samaneu is a Jack of all brands. He is an engineer by education, a traveller by choice and a Media Professional by blood. He believes in creativity and creating a world full of joy and happy emotions with his amicable nature and keen potential of work.

Samaneu Satheesh began his journey with Indus Fire and Safety, Vadodara and Cairn – Vedanta Oil and Gas as a Health Safety Environment Engineer for almost 4 years. During this time his interest in Media, Marketing, Communications, Branding and its beauty was drawn big and he made up his mind to make Media and Communications his major. 

Post his tenure with Indus fire safety, Cairn – Vedanta Oil and Gas Industry, he never saw back. He has achieved huge success which most people of his age can only dream of. Investing time and money in Samaneu and his visions has proved that he is not only bankable but also believes in relationships and congenial behaviour.

They say that actions speak louder than words and Samaneu is an epitome of someone who believes in actions. To honour his actions and work, he has been awarded by reputed organizations for his contribution to society and to applaud his work. Some of the organizations are Republic News, MTTV, MSME, Daily Hunt and he has been given the titles such as Youth Icon of the Year, Nations’ Icon Award, India Star Young Achiever of the Year and India Star Community award for his impeccable personality and expertise.

With his positive approach and down to earth behaviour. Samaneu Satheesh has strong associations with many reputed politicians, celebrities, ministers, Members of legislative Assembly, CEO’s and so forth. With his humble and intriguing smile, he has managed to have thousands of followers on his social media pages as well.  

People from all walks of life adore him and consider him as an ideal. The icon in himself, Samaneu has also been successful in inspiring many young lads and girls who wish to follow his footsteps in pioneering in the field of Media and Communications.

Samaneu at a young age has worked with CEOs , Minister’s and MPs as well in creating their brands in the market. His strategies and brand awareness concept is so strong that he is known not only in India but also has a fame across the seven seas. He has worked with Ms. Alisa Eshet Moses – Israel who is the Director at Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce, Shri. Mohammed Faizal who is Member of Parliament in Lakshadweep, Kerala Ministers, CEO’s from Spain, Gulf countries etc. These are only few names to mention. 

To mention a few skills of Samaneu Satheesh, he is a veteran in Market Research, Market Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing. At RVS Educational Trust, Samaneu Satheesh takes care of the Director of Media and Communications (Consumer PR, Corporate Communications, Managing Students community, Branding, Social Media, Digital Marketing etc) and works mostly in increasing the brand equity of the organization.

Samaneu Satheesh is a brand who does not need much of an introduction. He believes in delivering his best to his clients and works as a serious professional who takes time and investment seriously. On a personal front, he is very friendly mostly winning hearts with his beautiful and innocent smile. An association with his, either personal or professional can only lead to a path which is both beautiful and endearing.

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