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Sagar Pasad-An Eminent Photographer |Cinematographer | Film Maker 

Chasing dreams of childhood passion

 Sagar Pasad is an eminent Photographer | Cinematographer | an award-winning filmmaker, and alumnus of the New York Film Academy as a Director. For more than a decade now, Sagar has been a part of Commercial Advertising Photography and videography and he has contributed to a vast array of work in cinematography and filmmaking.

His strong strengths in lighting, composition, and Art-Direction have helped him to grow and transform into a renowned Cinematographer and Photographer. 

Being a meticulous Director/Cinematographer and Photographer, SagarPasad specializes in Commercial Ads, short as well as Feature Films with respect to direction, screenplay, and fashion, advertising, industrial, lifestyle for filmmaking and photography, respectively.  

High Profile Corporate Clientele list

Sagar Pasad’s long list of clientele includes high profile Brand names like Welspun Global, Raymonds, SPACES, Prince piping systems, Hindustan Motors, AVI Global, In Time Fire Extinguisher, Sutlej, Indiabulls, KoolKanya, Fentimans, ApnaOrganics, to name a few.

Sagar Pasad’s high corporate profiles include the who’s who of Business and Industry, namely BK Goyenka-Welspun MD, Parag, Vipul, Jayant Chedda of Prince Pipes, and others. He has also worked with some upcoming artists, models from the fashion world to the film industry, namely Kailash Kher, Alesia Raut, Sonam Arora, Karishma Tanna, Aaran Chaudhary, Mansi Moghe, Sangeeta Krishnaswamy, Preiyankka with international modelsand celebrities viz. Tamara, Pheobe, Isabelle Adriani, Cindy Fos, to name a few.

A childhood desire turns into a career.

Sagar Pasad got genuinely inspired by his father, Mr Ramnik Pasad, a Video and Photography enthusiast who owns his studio in Mumbai.

His father encouraged him to handle different cameras and guided him with tips on camera handling and how to click the perfect shot.

At the age of 2, Sagar used to handle different cameras and would enjoy his happy clicks.

His passion and commitment grew then onwards, and it gradually led him to build his career in Video and Photography. His curious mind took him into Film Making, Direction|Cinematographer. 

Taking up Master Craftsmanship in Photography

As his passion for the art of photography grew, he sought to take up technical knowledge in photography to achieve perfection. He took up a six months professional training course in photography from NIP.

He went on to complete a Two-year Full-time course as a master craftsman in photography from Shari Academy and studied advanced filmmaking from New York Film Academy, LA Campus. He has also completed his MBA in marketing from Brussels University.

Sagar is highly creative. He loves telling a story through his lens. He strives for perfection when he handles his camera. He is rather a man behind the camera than in front of it. Behind every adorable and appealing shot, there is this man behind the camera working tirelessly, pouring all his feelings to capture beautiful moments.

Accomplishments in Film Making

One of his accomplishments is his silent Film “Furious Vegetarian.” It is a superb piece of art with the magic of right direction. The film was praised and acclaimed enthusiastically.

His second Masterpiece, “The Blind Game,” is an incredible achievement. The Film was awarded at Los Angeles International Film Festival. 

Sagar’s hard work and enthusiasm did not stop here. Currently, He is relentlessly working on a few of his movie projects.

Sagar is highly enthusiastic about his passion for film-making and feels that significant achievements could not have been achieved without all the hard work and enthusiasm. 

As a photographer, he derived his inspiration from his father himself. He accompanied in his studio, took the initial training, and then assisted a few commercial and fashion photographers to sharpen his skills.

Niches in Photography

Sagar has explored and contributed to all sectors throughout his professional career and acquired expertise in niches viz. Fashion, Product, Industrial advertising and lifestyle Photography.

He has made a name for himself through enormous creativity, hard work, and detail perfection. 

Sagar specialises in Directing AD films, short as well as corporate films, along with Cinematography. When it comes to cinematography, he has always been a camera person. For him, the camera has always been his third hand. With respect to photography, even cinematography needs a camera, light, angles, the feel, the focus, everything which is very close to his heart.

As a photography instructor, he loves to interact with the young upcoming new talent. As a faculty member, he has been sharing his experiences with students of Shari Academy and Canon India. He also takes up various workshops for new talents, giving them lessons and tips on Photography and Cinematography.

Forthcoming projects

Sagar Pasad is currently working on a few projects like web series, Ad films for his corporate brands, a few short movies and some regional films in addition to scriptwriting.

Sagar Pasad’s story of chasing his own childhood dreams of passion and dedicating himself to pursue them, with all his hard work and struggle, is quite remarkable and genuinely appreciative. We wish him all the Good Luck.

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