RVS YUVA Artistry Creates Environmental Awareness Through Wall Paintings.

Art and paintings have a deep-rooted history that assists in forming depiction. It is a fact that art and art forms stand first in making changes to society. As a part of World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June, Sulur town Panchayat administration conducted a wall painting competition on 03.06.2022, at Resource Recovery Park, Sulur, Coimbatore. 

           The Sulur Town Panchayat practices a solid waste management system directed by the Government of India. The purpose of the competition was to create awareness of the eradication of plastic among the present youth. Numerous students actively participated in the event and tried their level best to depict paintings representing the revolution of plastic removal. 

            RVS YUVA Artistry brought out different wall art forms, which attracted everyone and persuaded them of the first step towards removing plastic from the world. The whole place turned so colourful and meaningful with all those beautiful paintings on the walls. The pictures spoke about the danger plastic causes to our earth, the sea, medical waste to road fill, etc., depicting current issues our world faces due to the extensive use of plastic.

Officials from the Sulur Panchayat visited the event and encouraged the students and appreciated their talent. The wall painting competition has been a great success, and we wish all the students a bright future. RVS Management and YUVA Artistry express gratitude to the Sulur Panchayat for the excellent opportunity.

RVS YUVA – RVS Group of Institutions has always worked hard to empower youth via the power of education – so that deserving candidates can evolve in life and get a well-deserved fighting chance irrespective of their socioeconomic status. We have hundreds of stories where students’ current socioeconomic status has not stopped them to evolve and achieve great success in achieving respectable white-collar employment.

Now, RVS Group of Institutions wants to extend the same ethos towards the non-academic side – empowering the skills and talents of students beyond academics! Giving deserving talent a chance to make it large in life – be it Music, Dance, Sports, Art, Photography, and many more to come. A student’s cultural body has been formed for the same purpose – RVS Yuva – this will be a lifelong bond student can create with their institute beyond graduation based on their talent, where they can discover themselves in their hidden talents which may not be getting enough opportunities. RVS Yuva is committed to helping students to nurture their talents and get a fighting chance to make it as big as possible. RVS Yuva will help students nurture their skills, create opportunities to showcase their talent and get adequate digital world exposure.

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