There are very few REAL artists left in the country. 

And Ritzzze is one of the last few originals . When a world full of social media gimmicks and acceptance of mediocrity gets circulated,  there is always that one diamond amongst them who chooses his own path .

Ritzzze releases his brand new single ” STREETSTYLE- the beginning ” on 1st of October and should be available on all major platforms . It has his signature Trap and Dub sounds and at the same time entitles him to be called Mr StreetStyle.

” I’ve used the santoor sound in this which I’ve not really used before. Arabic and Middle Eastern music has always intrigued me and I get super excited at any prospect of this happening  ” exclaims Ritzzze in total excitement .

This is his first single in 2 years . He says ” I was so involved with my personal life and my remixes that I kinda forgot the whole independent original music scene , I had some time during the second lockdown and planned this out ” . On asking whose he competing with and how does he see competition because of the lockdown , he replies ” I am not competing with anyone . I am inspired by many Indian acts. It’s well documented that I’ve always been a Nucleya fan and his music style has always helped me . Matter of fact when people call me Mr StreetStyle , I’ve always said that I consider Nucleya to be the father of this genre “

The second release is with Dj/ Producer Duo LEADHUNTERZ who are based out of Kolkata . The single is titled SAXY and is touted as the next big dance number . Ritzzze adds ” I’ve known this talented duo for a number of years and I’ve always loved their sound. When the project came to me for a collaboration , I said yes immediately because we share the same passion for dance music ” .

We asked him if that would deviate from his style of music , he said ” Not really , I mean we have a Dj Snake releasing a collab with Malala , so why can’t I.  Not that there is a comparison . If you look deep in my discography before I exploded on the scene , I used to produce house music . Streetstyle was born out of nowhere and became a national brand . So I feel this will help me get a bigger audience plus my old fans will get extremely excited with this “.

Future collaborations and endorsement deals on the cards ? Ritzzze says ” Not really because not everyone represents my sound . The closest acts I know of is Gurbaxx , Mr Doss and Ritviz  and honestly they’re with agencies and I’m not sure if they would collab with me . They’ll have to answer that question. ”  Furthermore ” Endorsement deals keep coming for brands but I want to represent brands that represent me , if you know what I mean.”

Well we wish Mr StreetStyle gets his big hit on 1st of October 2021 and also the collaboration with Leadhunterz which is stated for a 3rd week of October release. Please make sure you follow Ritzzze on social media to know exactly what’s happening. 

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