Reel on Social: Building brand stories with the power of videos

Marketing is no longer about what you sell, it’s more about the stories you tell and the value you provide to the target audience. Reel on social focuses on a simple approach of conveying stories with Power of Videos. This video production company focuses on providing innovative and engaging videos to businesses and communities.

Visual content is the need of the hour and the brands that have adapted to video formats have a competitive edge over others. There is an active demand for corporate filmmakers who can create videos for corporations for Brand/advertising campaigns to run on broadcast media & social media handles. Reel on Social is stepping up here to meet this high demand with the quality  products they offer.

The company handles corporate clients who expect to see their brands’ value and story in videos they demand.

It’s believed that incredible things in a business are never done by just one person, but are accomplished by a team of people. The two pillars of this immaculate team are Sarika and Ashish. Sarika Gulati Gupta is an M.SC & M.B.A graduate and the founder of Reel on Social. Her experience of over 20 years in sales, marketing, content and brand strategies gives the team a much needed strong base. Her focus is primarily on content and execution of the videos.

A good strategy can single handedly take the brand a long way, thus she focuses on that for her clients. Ashish Gupta, is the co-founder of Reel on Social. He is a hard-core perfectionist who likes to bring out quality in the services he offers. With 25 years of experience in the professional television industry with brands like ESPN, NDTV, TV TODAY, CNN-IBN, and ZEE, one can expect nothing but perfection from him. Being from the industry he focuses on the production part of the company and he gives his own professional touch to the videos.

Communities are built when you share valuable content on your site and videos hold the key to authentic community building. Realising this potential of videos, a team of experts stepped into the mission of building communities in different genres. In a world where one good video means massive social following, Reel on Social focuses on video content that engage businesses and communities.

Their team of experts in the field is on a mission to help build communities such as ‘Wellbeing with Pranic Healing’. Such communities consisting of thousands of people are just built by the power of engaging videos.

Everyone believes that branding is all about building a connection with the audience. Instead of selling products, they focus on building Brands with videos that provide value. Right from the initial concept to final delivery, the professionals’ hand hold one in the journey. This journey of working with such top-notch professionals creates a unique experience, one will find nowhere else.The reel on Social focuses on Quality Production, it always comes forth quantity for them.

The team works with proper coordination which ensures timely delivery to their clients. They have experience of working with the topmost Industry specialists who are highly satisfied with the services. Their concept of offering more in less makes them stand out among other competitors. They are solving the need for quality video content at affordable pricing.Reel on Social provides services to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT.

Their prime concern is exclusive services like ad films, corporate films, product films, animated videos, social media videos, Training films and video marketing strategies. The scope of their videos is widened towards multiple institutions such as education, health and medicine, media,development,manufacturing,engineering etc.

They have worked with many big corporate clients. The team has helped such brands increase their market presence across platforms, which makes them ‘One of the Best Video Production Companies’ in India.

Reel on Social has a dynamic Production  team to support clients in a journey of uplifting their brand’s appeal. The efficient team believes in a unique concept-driven approach that offers the best video solutions to their clients. They have successfully served more than 1000 happy clients with 5000 hours of video.

Their priority for customer satisfaction has resulted in 99% client retention. The reel on Social is confident to surpass all the video production requirements with exceeded expectations.

Their work range is immensely wide so that the clients can rely on the services completely with no external efforts.  Be it long story formats such as corporate videos & documentaries or short ad films for marketing purposes, the team will offer you the best solution. The reel on Social indulge in making their clients happy and voluntarily takes additional efforts to retain them. Their creative, cost-effective, and unique video solutions help map the client’s requirements.

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