Recovering Data Instantly against Ransomware and Malware Thugs with NeuShield

There have been numerous ransomware attacks worldwide, as per blackfog

With damages from cybercrime expected to hit $6 trillion

this year (up from $3 trillion in 2015), we expect the number of ransomware attacks to increase and newer forms to become more sophisticated and disruptive.

These attacks have affected government agencies, healthcare, manufacturing,corporate networks, and investment banks. Large-scale data leaks have been found on multiple occasions on the dark web. Many cybersecurity companies are attempting to combat this emerging threat. NeuShield is one such product that has successfully addressed this issue. The company was founded in California in 2018, with a team that can be comfortably called subject matter experts by a solid track record of 20 years in the field of Cyber Security.

Any business, regardless of its size, needs to understand how to prevent and defend against such attacks. Malware and ransomware, however, are notoriously difficult to detect at the grass-roots level. This creates an inherent perception from business owners to believe that reacting to such attacks and fighting back is the best way by a large margin. Leading many businesses to believe that a reactive approach is the only way to go. It has become increasingly important to protect data, where data backup and restoration are more important than the existing traditional strategy of fighting back.

Data Sentinel is a security program created by the aforementioned firm NeuShield that protects and restores the data to normalcy once, the ransomware or malware has been removed. Thus, there is no dice played with sensitive data on which business are dependent.

What makes NeuShield so good?

NeuShield has focused on product development and innovation towards Cyber Security. This is evident from the fact that Canadian firm Cyber Iron Dome (a name inspired by Israel’s missile defence system) handles global sales and marketing for NeuShield. NeuShield – Data Sentinel has received stellar reviews from CIOViews, PCMag, Source Forge, and Cybersecurity Magazine, with each awarding the product a high score. Recently NeuShield team has been recognised Top 10 Most Innovative Business Leaders in 2022.

Cyber Iron Dome

has made its entry into the APAC (Asia-Pacific) Region,with its presence in Bangalore (the Silicon Valley of Asia), it has an ecosystem of partners supplying the Indian market. NeuShield already has 100 clients with over 50 reseller partners across the globe, and more than 40k end points sold and an exponential of 117% YOY this number is set to grow exponentially.

Many businesses are reliant on Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and REST APIs are vulnerable to cyber risk and was further amplified by the work from a home (WFH) and online payment transfers. These factors combined have caused an ignorant, or even worse, apathy attitude towards security, which has led to a burgeoning of cyber-attacks.

NeuShield offers a Mirror Shielding technology along with an astounding and powerful One-Click to Restore and File Lockdown that keeps all data safe whenever needed. The cost of each license to protect your desktops and servers is like having a pizza party. Considering the facts NeuShield as ability to Recovery 100% of the Data Instantly. Where most businesseshave sensitive data, it is time to stop risking reputation and keep one’s head high even during a cyber security attack. Ransomware and malware are menaces that need to eradicate day-to-day business.To protect one’s business, get NeuShield’s Data Sentinel offered in the Asia Pacific Region by the Cyber Iron Dome.

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