Raajeevvv Bagdii (Rajeev Bagdi), Renowned Numerologist, Wellness Practitioner & Business Owner, & Author

Raajeevvv Bagdii is a renowned Numerologist, Wellness Practitioner, Business Owner and an Intellectual Author.  He is a passionate numerologist who has been practicing this wonderful science for more than 3 decades. He has been guiding people by giving suggestions & solutions to people in financial markets and in their everyday lives. With his knowledge of numerology, he has provided insight to hundreds of people to understand themselves better and find their lives’ purposes. Every day he not only assists people in finding their gifted strengths but he also gives solutions to tackle the challenges posed by their weaknesses through his premium and professional consultation service. He has been teaching people this wonderful science of Numerology as well.  He is on a mission to help 1 lakh people to transform their lives for better through his knowledge & experience. 

Born in the year 1973 in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Raajeevvv Bagdii is now settled in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He is a Post Graduate in Marketing & Finance. He undertook a job for few years before starting his business career. He has acquired knowledge in various subjects including financial markets, alternative medicines, healing methodologies, self-development and self-improvement. He loves to share knowledge and to help people on topics related to numerology, health and wellness, self-help, self- development and other occult sciences. He is a passionate and benevolent person who is ready to go that extra mile and help people with his knowledge and experiences that he has gained during the course of his life so far. 

He is the founder of “CACH IN NNUMBERS – Life Decoded Through Numbers” which he has started to promote the science of Numerology and also other occult sciences. He has developed few new simple and easy to use tools like “TIMING YOUR SUCCESS – DAY CHART” & “WEALTH & PROSPERITY ATTRACTORS / DHAN SAMMRUDHII YANTRA” to help people make their lives better, using his research and knowledge of Numerology.  During his practice of Numerology, he felt the need to tell people how to lead a healthy life with alternative medicines and natural healing methodologies and so he entered the field of ayurvedic & herbal medicine business. He currently has a popular herbal store in Hyderabad named “Lifestyle Nourisher” where he sells solutions based on natural & herbal products.

Proficient numerologist Raajeevvv Bagdii says “I believe that knowledge is power.  Everyone should improve themselves and / or their business, no matter what stage of life they are in. Whether to develop a better mind-set or to increase business profits, moving forward with knowledge is the key to a successful life.” With brilliance in his field and a generous heart he has helped many people in his life directly or indirectly.

Raajeevvv Bagdii is a brilliant and benevolent person who did hard work all his life and worked for people by going out of his way. He is always inquisitive about science and technology and remains updated with all the research and advancement in technology. He is a visionary and has always been very thoughtful of the future and that’s why he purchased a plot of land on moon for $140 from New York-based Lunar Republic Society in 2003, even after various negative comments from people around him. He is a self-made businessman who has prioritised society’s wellbeing before him. He has been doing all the work in his capacity for the betterment of society with his expertise in various fields of life and he says he has not yet finished and he would never step back from doing more for the benefit of the society.

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