Summary: The name PsiBorg is gradually taking a front-seat among the top-most companies in India that provide IoT solutions. With its dedication and passion for technological innovation, the company has earned its firm ground in very little time. 

In recent times, there has been a massive demand for IoT-driven solutions, and many companies have come up with professional solutions. Among them, PsiBorg is one such name that stands bright. What started as a startup is now a leading brand in the making! Two young professionals coming from different engineering backgrounds started the journey of finding innovative solutions for modern needs. 

Vidushi Gupta and Vishad Jain co-founded PsiBorg. Vidushi Gupta is an Electronics Engineer with an extensive understanding of hardware design and embedded systems. On the other hand, Vishad Jain is a software developer who has worked as a full-stack developer and possess in-depth knowledge of system architecture. They both had an interest in developing IoT and started working on multiple projects. With their combined effort, they bridged the gap that lies between the functioning domains of software personnel and a hardware engineer. This led to the invention of the company, where they offer a blend of hardware and software solutions with their professional services. 

PsiBorg is a swift-growing company with the aim of serving as a one-stop solution for software and hardware to their worldwide clients. Embedded product design, embedded firmware development, Cloud and Device integration and all other technical solutions that involve hardware are present with their service range. The end-to-end solutions with customizing benefits make them an apt choice for clients coming from distinct professional backgrounds. 

When asked about the overall approach of the company’s services, one of the co-founders, Vidushi Gupta, stated, “We have a compact approach in bringing the solutions to our clients. Most of the development work at our company happens simultaneously where hardware and software teams work together. We split the time and functioning steps depending on the requirements of the project. With every project, our key aim is to bring innovation without making the system complex.” 

Vidushi further added, “Even with the designs of PCB, we have a segmented approach. The involved teams for PCB design, testers, and Product design sit to discuss each designing phase for peripherals, UI components, buttons, etc. We update and modify with inputs from every member of the team and then finalize the complete design. For this comprehensive approach, the products that we deliver are flawless and apt for utility.” 

Vishad Jain, the co-founder, added to the context, “Our team has expert and young professionals who specialize in their fields. This allows us to get the best of the software and hardware solutions and blend them into our end-products. We identify the gap in the industries and try to convert the seed-level ideas into reality.”

With the changing and ever-increasing requirements of projects, the company is also amplifying its service capacity. They have adapted newer wireless protocols and hardware choices depending on the diversity of the projects. With their previous projects, they have reflected great expertise in TI SoCs, NRF SoCs, Microchip, and Quectel. They are finding more innovative ways and other technologies to merge and create cross-platform apps in the coming times. 

An efficient approach in making the ideas turn into reality has made the company reach the top position. They are now a leading brand name in the service, and with the ever-growing client base, the company has firmed its position quite well. The company has successfully led projects related to smart agriculture, involving satellite imagery to detect macro, and micronutrients nutrients, from the soil and various emerging security systems and have automated several industrial processes already. With the rise of newer technology and the development of IoT-driven solutions, the future ahead for PsiBorg is certainly bright. The co-founders have bigger plans for the future and aim to lead as a brand serving IoT solutions in India. 

About the company

PsiBorg is a company of young professionals with an unwavering passion for innovation and new technologies. Vidushi Gupta and Vishad Jain are the co-founders of the company, aiming to offer end-to-end IoT solutions. It is a DPIIT recognized startup and serves clients belonging to every corner of the globe, especially in the US, UK, and Australia. With expert teams of engineers specializing in hardware and software, the company collaborates to produce perfect solutions to the different technical needs of modern times. The company provides IoT solutions to different sectors like health, agriculture, logistics, etc. They offer a versatile service range, including firmware development, mobile applications, PCB design services, cloud integration services, and others.

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