is an online document printing platform that eases the process of document printing following an advanced method by eliminating the hassles while searching for printing shops. Yes you heard it right, brings you document printing with a handy process where you just need to upload your files, choose your printing and binding options and make the payment and your printing document are delivered right at your doorstep. Besides this, the documents comes along with high quality and customized documents where you can print with the paper of your choice, size, binding and cover styles.

Excerpt from the latest conversation with the co-founder of Gaurav Singh

1. Please enlighten about your venture. When did it came into existence and how & what services the customers can avail from

GauravInitially our venture, was conceptualized in the late 2013 and few months later in 2014 it had received its first order when it went online. It provides online printing services of any document whether it is Electricity bill, Airline tickets, and product instruction manuals, training packs, meeting agendas, work proposals, university projects and many more. The products include document Printing, Letterhead Printing, Leaflets & Flyers Printing, Poster Printing, Certificates printing, Dissertation or Thesis Printing, Catalogue Printing, Manual Printing, Booklet Printing, Presentation Printing, Report Printing, A3 Printing, Newsletter Printing, Proposal Printing and so on.

2. How has been your personal life and its journey?

GauravI come from a very humble background where I have completed my high school from a government school and graduated in computer application from IGNOU. Later after few years I have completed my Post graduation in Computer Application from IGNOU itself. My parents went out of their way and made countless sacrifices to get me here today.

3. What are your achievements and challenges faced during your entrepreneurship journey?

Gaurav Getting our first order was the biggest achievement – followed by getting good reviews, launching newer websites, changing offices to accommodate growing teams – are counted as the accomplishments for the entire team of Likewise challenges are countless! Challenges remained a part of our daily life which keeps cropping up. Keeping up with growing consumer needs seems to be an endless challenge for us!

4. Why did you choose entrepreneurship and what’s your inspiration behind that?

Gaurav2013 was the year that marked the origination of startups in India in different sectors! Coming from a low income background, job didn’t seem to be a sustainable solution to put bread on the table. This coupled with the idea that triggered my spirit for entrepreneurship. The road to entrepreneurship began with various inputs from various people and that helped me to make a decision together with right time that made me recognized the right opportunity of the true situation and inspired me to take action and proceed with

5. How has been your entrepreneurship journey by far?

Gaurav – The journey has been good by far and I am more than glad that it had produced value for others. I can’t complain and I wish I don’t have to! Everyday has been and is a new learning in the infinite universe of entrepreneurship. The valuable lessons learned from it helps us every single day with our own trek as there is no such thing as perfect, but yes it’s my determination that helps me to achieve my goals even despite imperfections.

6. How does set itself apart in the market?

Gaurav – There are various factors that set apart from the crowd. Starting with, the people don’t have to run to the vendors, low cost, we provide next day delivery option in Delhi/NCR, we have efficient and dedicated team of expertise that that remains committed to their tasks, we provide advice on cost saving and better prints for the best interest of the customers.

7. It’s been 7 years now, are you offering franchise?

Gaurav – Yes we are open to partnering with a printing shop that offers quality prints anywhere from East, West or South India region to become our vendor and be a part of team They can connect with us at and then we can take it ahead. offers fast, affordable and world class quality printing and binding solutions in a range of styles to your door in no time be it your home, place of work or any other location as per your convenience. Though they accept all types of file for printing but PDF format is recommended for perfect printing.

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