Prepcare is providing a better path for students and companies to connect more efficiently!

Whether you’re a student searching for the perfect job or a startup looking for a suitable and qualified employee, Searching for the same during campus recruitment drives or off-campus drives can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.  This is where the firm Prepcare comes in, it was formed by graduates of IIMs and NITs, who understand the vast gap students and corporate companies have. This firm works by educating engineering and other college students for upskilling as well as for their campus recruiting drive and off-campus drive.

They train in the following skills:

  • Competitive coding
  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Full-stack web application and mobile application development

Prepcare understands and is also concerned with bridging the gap between corporate and college students.

Since the brand was started by the founder Dev Aryan, it has taught over 1800 students, with over 600 of them successfully obtaining work prospects. Being an ex graduate of NIT and IIM, the founders understand the struggle students and companies both have to make in order to find a common ground between them. The rapidly growing and popularizing firm which was started in 2021 has seen a massive interest of students all over and has been called the Best Platform for upskilling. It is currently searching for additional corporate and startup partnerships to provide its students with the best possible experience.

PrepCare’s main goal is to assist and train students to become the best versions of themselves while also helping them fulfill their quest for professional brilliance. Their highly qualified and trained team of professional teaching staff and trainers can easily provide students with a suitable environment for learning and excelling which will not only help build their confidence but also prepare them for their future. 

While establishing the company the founders made sure to keep the company’s motive clear which is “Bridging the Gap Between Colleges, Corporations, and Startups”. it is not only their USP but it is the very main reason why the company was created. During the Covid Pandemic, founder Dev Aryan saw how essential current trending technological skills are, as well as the need for a reliable platform that can teach students and link them with employers.

Their vision for the firm is headed in the right direction and in the short while since the company has been active, it has taught over 1800 students, and over 600 of them have successfully obtained work prospects.

You can easily connect with Prepcare through the links mentioned below!





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