Prem Charles – The man behind the surge in India’s Academic Patents

Prem Charles – the founder of  Allinnov Research and Development Pvt Ltd is an engineer, a teacher in engineering, a patent holder with 25+ patents, a registered Indian Patent Agent and a patent expert -certified member of the MHRD for various educational institutions under All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and an innovation and intellectual property trainer. With 6+ years of expertise in handling patents and designs especially of Indian academia and academicians with the Indian Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and other countries; Prem had coined Allinnov – (All Innovations) Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. in 2015 with a mission to create, support, promote and protect all kinds of innovations especially from the academia.

The journey behind the origination of ALLINNOV was never smooth and straightforward. As a student, Prem was always inclined to machines, inventions and Patents with an intent desire to have at least one patent for any of his inventions and eventually he first got a patent filed after struggling for almost 8 years. During a discussion with a group of 60 – 100 members, it was astounding to him that no one knew about even what a patent is, but only he. It triggered him to give a deep thought that if the educated faculty of even elite institutions are not aware of anything about patents, then where would the future of our nation land up if academicians keep working just on academic research aspects. That’s when he decided to quit his 7 Yrs of teaching profession as an Assistant Professor to a become first generation entrepreneur to induce patents into tier 2,3&4 level institutions.

In the words of Prem “I have started from scratch, when no one of my prospect customers knew even what they’re paying for, I just kept my self-faith intact with my wife and parents’ moral support.  Firstly we introduced our “Hands-On Innovation Program” through which faculty of educational institutions can join the work of our R&D, pay for it and get trained in creating new product innovations and learn the basic aspects of patenting. We were the first R&D. organization in India to open doors for any person to join as an inventor and work together on an invention which will be patented. The initial phase of the startup was tough as there was no revenue for 6 months, however today we have 1000+ of paying customers from 100+ institutions, having successfully handled 300+ inventions of theirs.

He further adds “India being the world’s second largest populated nation, it is in need of numerous product innovations that would ease the life of people; a minute of time saved by a product, can be used for other works, thereby improving the overall productivity. Though we have such a huge market for product innovations, India remain dependent on imports and the major reason being the lack of innovations within educational institutions. This prompted me to make Allinnov Research and Development Private Limited to be a juncture for innovators, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and industries to collaboratively work together and make better patent transactions that would further promote global growth of us. Now we have signed MOU with and we’re proud that we sparked the fire of patenting within many educational institutions in India.”

Claim to Fame – Allinnov Research and Development Pvt. Ltd

– One amongst India’s firstly DIPP certified startups.

 – India’s first exclusive product research and innovation & intellectual property training entity.

 – India’s first educational institutions centered exclusive, intellectual property aimed, collaborative R&D. firm

– First startup in the history to have won the National Intellectual Property Award, 2017 under the category “Top Startup for IP Commercialization”.

One among the top 10 R&D. organizations in India ranking 6th, 8th and 9th from 2016 – 2020 to have filed maximum number of patents as per the annual reports of the Indian Patent Office.

– First startup in India to have introduced patenting practices in tier 3 and tier 4 educational institutions and also with some tier 2 institutions too.

– One amongst the base workers to promote patenting practices in educational institutions of India contributed to numerous patent filing activities from academia which today has led to reduction of fees and increased patent filing.

– Trained 10000+ faculty and students of 200+ educational institutions who were not even aware of the spelling for the word patent.

Today, Prem also heads a most successful exclusive patent firm named Inanse IP and Consultancy Services from his home town. Prem’s inspiring journey reminds all that positivity with determination is what makes everything possible. It was Prem’s determination that inspired him to dream bigger and achieve more for himself and the society at large..

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