May 27, 2022

6 Songs | 23 Artists | 8 Genres | 2 Engineers | 3 Languages | Variable Emotions | Numerous Sounds |

A new kid in town has set sail with his groovy tunes and quirky melodies towards the highway to heaven. He carries his own fleet of handpicked musicians who have spent the majority of their lives jumbling sounds and balancing tones to maintain the quality of music outside the studio as well.
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“Anamorph” is unique in many many ways. Firstly, 2 out of 6 songs are recorded & produced at A=432Hz. This tuning was used by medieval musicians and instrument designers unknowingly. Unknowingly, because the standardisation of tunings came to existence only a couple of decades ago. The International Standard is set at A=440Hz. This means that every pitch-based instrument, every plug-in, every software, and every singer will produce frequencies in reference to A=440Hz. However, the two songs, namely, Petrichor & In Heaven, have been down-tuned to achieve desired results right before the sounds even reach the microphone. To understand and pick out the sonic differences between different reference pitches, you can listen to the single ‘In Heaven (Unprotected Edit),’ which is recorded at A=440Hz & In Heaven from Anamorph which is recorded at A=432Hz. The ‘unprotected edit’ was a scratch recording and is entirely performed, recorded, edited, mixed & mastered by Pratyush himself. This includes Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums & Keys. Secondly, it has been recorded without reference to a metronome. Believe it or not, only ‘real & experienced musicians’ can get away with something like this with the precision demonstrated by Pratyush in all the versions of the song ‘In Heaven.’

 Further, Pratyush also states – ‘The acoustic guitar stem is a single take recording. This means there are no cuts and edits in the guitar stems. Not just that, I recorded it myself, sitting in the recording booth and handling the DAW, which was in the listening room from my iPad. The acoustic guitar then acted as a conductor for other instruments to come in. It’s fairly easy when you can see the grids on your software and you can just ‘put’ the sounds there or quantise it but it’s a whole other game when you are using a different tuning and no grid mapping whatsoever. It just feels more musical and less computerised. On the other hand, the track ‘Hush River’ was made entirely using the trackpad on my MacBook. This was a Techno composition and demanded the required melodic industrial sounds and rhythms to it. I always proceed with what the song demands and execute it with what it deserves.’

 This album grows on you and invites you to keep re-playing the songs of your liking every now and then. It also involves artists from overseas, who bring a different flavor to his sonic recipes, like in the song ‘Tham Jata,’ which includes ‘Evan Jacobson’ from New York with his funky yet bluesy Saxophone. It also features The Voice India fame – ‘Rohan Pathak’ on lead vocals. Shreya Ghoshal, Monali Thakur & Raghav Sachar’s keyboardist – ‘Vatan Dhuria.’ And Sarthak Raikwar on bass guitar.

 This album definitely deserves the recognition that it demands. The first song, ‘Petrichor,’ brings the sounds of the planet to you. It’s almost like perfume for your ears. A fragrance which emerges from fresh wet soil. So pure and a treat for us listeners. His music speaks to us in ways one just couldn’t perceive in a single hearing. Further, the final track, ‘Tandav X,’ is a Dark Psychedelic Trance track and features philosophies from Pratyush’s Late Grandfather – Shri Brijnandan Upadhyay and Shiv Tandav Strotram recital from his father, Dr. Balram Upadhyay. This surprisingly makes your feet’ thump thump thump thump thump thump.’

 This collection was recorded, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered at Pratyush’s own facility, which is called 432Hz Music Studio. This studio was hand-designed and built by him. He has attained qualifications as an Audio Engineer from Seamedu School of Pro-expressionism, Pune, which enabled him with the knowledge to design, control, modify and retain sounds for multiple purposes like live sound mixing, studio recordings, studio management, background music composing, Sfx, foley, ambiance, dubbing, field recordings, etc. He is also the founder & frontman of a Progressive Rock band called ‘Progroach.’

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