“Poetry and stories heal a plethora of muddled thoughts” says Madhurima who is celebrating the glorious success of her recently released poetry book “Musings and Memories”

Madhurima is now rigorously working hard towards her bedut novel titled “When Love Lasts” for which she seems excited about. After going through her Instagram handle, we have come to know that she has been continuously posting the glimpse of every chapter with illustrations. One cannot deny the fact that her work is captivating the attention of followers for how their response surface, ‘can’t wait to get their hands on’.”I know I am already spilling few beans, but I am doing this as I am not able to resist longer. Just wanted to see how readers are going to react but after having been received enormous amount of appreciation, I am elated and anxious as well. As in, I have become much responsible towards crafting this piece”. Stories and poems have always fascinated her to the extent where she immensely enjoys being indulged into fictional world. Madhurima’s poems are even mostly described about love and heal. The same goes with a novel “When Love Lasts”. “Fictional world is less toxic (laughs) I remember how my mother used to tell me I was always into the world of imaginations even most of the times seen talking to fantasy characters. At some point, it scared her off and she took me to psychiatrist. After the rigorous counseling sessions, reports had declared that I am a poet and a story teller. Words runs through my blood. And the doctors have encouraged my parents to let me pursue the world of Art”. Madhurima’s deep fascination towards art seems evident and adding cherry on top, she had pursued visual arts, specialized in writing, filmmaking and fine arts. Hence the reason her current novel has central characters based on film industry. Apparently, to make the writings even more authentic, Madhurima has been constantly taking inspiration from real life public personalities whom they have been into her most favorite list of entertainers. Rahul Subramanian and Naveen Polishetty. “This novel has two male protagonists one is an actor and the other one is a stand up comedian. They will have layers of attitude as both of them have come different background. In order to make it even more intriguing, I am actually taking inspiration of Rahul Subramanian’s personality (renowned stand up comedian) and Naveen Polishetty. I am watching their interviews, videos and noting down every move of their body language. Proper research can be a great investment towards my novel”Surprisingly, her hard work is noted at impulsive level as the sources to be believed, she is landing India (Hyderabad) to witness the crowd work event of Rahul Subramanian which will take place on 10th of December. “Yes.. I know a lot of my friends have suggested me it’s a bad idea but anything for my novel..any heights I can go to attain the supreme quality. I got one life. And I am ready to dare” she quips. Well… certainly we cannot deny the fact of controlling curiosity for her book to soon to get launched. On this note, we declare her best wishes and much love.


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