Philippines’ Most Popular Poet-Author Michelle Ayon Navajas Set to Publish 7th Book

Philippine born Michelle Ayon Navajas is the author of six poetry books, and is on the brink of releasing her seventh title, ‘It Ain’t Winning If Without You.’ She is an inspirational writer who is known for openly writing about issues such as sexual abuse, violence against women, and accounts of victims and survivors. Michelle is immensely experienced in the field of writing, and has graduated with a Master of Education in English from University Of San Augustin. She was a former college professor, teaching literature, speech, oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre arts. This explains her impeccable writing ability that has led her to achieve fame and popularity worldwide. She is also a graduate of Mass Communications major in Journalism from Centro Escolar University.

Her books “Oh Dear One”, “I Would Fly To Where You Are”, “After Rain Skies”, “I Will Love You Forever, Too”, “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter” are all widely praised by her readers, and has sold astonishing amount of copies in both e-book and paperback formats. The mentioned poetry books were also ranked in the Amazon’s Bestseller lists across multiple categories, and two of them (I Would Fly To Where You Are; I Will Love You Forever, Too) topped the bestseller list too, placing it at the #1 Rank on Amazon. With more than 25 thousand followers on social media, and the amount of copies she has sold, she is by far the most popular poet-author in her country.

With her previous books already running strong in the publishing industry, she is already on the verge of finishing her next book, titled ‘It Ain’t Winning If Without You.’ The book is a poetry collection that is a testament to the challenges and difficulties people encounter daily, and how can they overcome them with grace and composure. Through her poetries, she has explained how living the life of our dreams and achieving our goals is sweeter and better when shared with our loved ones, because it isn’t really winning if it’s without them. You can follow her on Instagram on her account @poetrybymich and check out her YouTube Channel Poetry by Mich.

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