May 27, 2022

Vision to make the new world of retail pharmacy by providing high quality generic medicines at affordable price with the world standard primary care, *Dr. A R Anand’s* *OyeCare Pharma & Clinic* opens its exclusive company outlet in khusrupur patna bihar, he said- expensive medicines and self medication is the two big problems in the healthcare industry for public, According to statistics almost 60% Indians are facing the problems of expansive medicines and self medication, so we are removing these problems through our start-up OyeCare Pharma & Clinic  by providing high quality generic medicines at affordable price with the world standard primary care.

 Dr. A R Anand also said a special thing that many people of this area knew about *OyeCare Pharma & Clinic* and there was a constant demand that an outlet should be opened in our area also, so that the people here too take advantage of the facilities provided by you. We do not have any franchise outlet in this area, so we decided to open our own outlet.

When we found the prime location, it was discovered that there was already a pharmacy store, which was badly affected due to the competition of online pharmacy,  Whose profit margin was 10-15 %, in which he had to pay rent, electricity bill, salary of staff, Due to this the store was closed. With the vision to creat a new world of retail pharmacy through high quality generic medicine at affordable price with the world standard primary care, We created new look of *OyeCare Pharma & Clinic* according to our standard, Here we charge upto 500₹ only for world standard primary care and high quality generic medicines at very affordable price with the wide range of 1000+ products.

 *OyeCare Pharma & Clinic* is a registered company under the govt of India, We are operating in two systems, 1st is coco model means outlet is owned by company and also operated by company and 2nd is fofo model means outlet is owned by franchise and also operated by franchise. In the franchise system we give our brand, sop, registration and other facilities to our franchise owner for their particular area. We will launch more outlets of *OyeCare Pharma & Clinic* in coming days in both models.

He is currently running his startup with his doctorate study. His skills, expertise, maturity and management capacity is really very high. Prof. Anand Kumar of world famous *super 30* also supporting to Dr. A R Anand’s *OyeCare Pharma & Clinic.* Recently he has been recognised by The CEO story with the certificate of appreciation.

He added swami vivekananda quotation-  we you are doing your work, don’t think of anyone beyond. Do it as worship and devote your whole life to it for time being.

Dr. A R Anand also said- no work is small of any field, we shouldn’t think think so much, take decision, act now and continuously work hard. Every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending.

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