With its genesis in 2016, OverEarth has burgeoned into an enormous digital marketing venture, raising businesses of all kinds on the fierce online domain, garnering incredible recognition from across the country and overseas. The dream endeavour of Ankit Kumawat, a young, dynamic and enterprising entrepreneur, OverEarth has achieved momentous feats in the aggressive realm of digital marketing in few years of its inception, thanks to the inventive and visionary approach by the ambitious entrepreneur which has propelled his enterprise to breach the mark of excellence in a few years!

 With a tireless run of 7+ years, OverEarth has become the undisputed choice of many business enthusiasts to expand and promote their businesses on social platforms and simultaneously garner a solid reputation in cyberspace.

The success of OverEarth largely depends on Ankit Kumawat’s vision to shift the potential of digital marketing towards delivering empirical leads, rather than preaching the fanciful ideas of results originating out of flashy promotions that fail to sustain a business in the long run!

With over 37 certifications from Facebook, Instagram and Google, OverEarth has acquired an enviable client base over the years. OverEarth has worked with up until now exceeds 250, with clients from overseas, namely Dubai, Australia, United States and Afghanistan, and clients from all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The current team size of OverEarth stands at 20 members, with talents from diverse backgrounds, contributing to Ankit Kumawat’s goal of helping businesses catch the eye on the web.

In all these seven years of delivering excellent results to the clients, OverEarth has collaborated with industries like Healthcare, Hospitality, Fashion, F&B, Beauty, Education, Services, E-commerce, Fitness, Pharma, among others and has laid down a firm base for all these industries worldwide. The company has received the Facebook blueprint certification and license and partnered with Go-Daddy, Google, Facebook, and Wix, adding to the venture’s credibility. Additionally, OverEarth has been a consistent partner to digital marketing agencies willing to create an impact with a solid digital presence. With OverEarth’s quality white-label services, several digital marketing agencies have been able to scale their businesses faster and have been able to show up online.

OverEarth today is the voice of many businesses, big and small, primarily because of its result-driven approach, immense industry expertise, knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. It has an outburst of fresh ideas and concepts which emphasises circulating the potential of businesses through Facebook and Instagram ads, out-of – the- ordinary designing, attention to high client retention, transparent pricing and most importantly, its emphasis on intricate details that are essential for the consistent run of businesses in the vigorous digital space. The competent agency emphasises the Integration of Internal insights. The apparent reason is that it has successfully generated 25,000+ leads and revenue of a whopping five crores for its clients.

A recognised name in the field of digital marketing, with “Delivering results” as its focal point, OverEarth is one of the most sought-after agencies today for any and every business seeking recognition online. Undoubtedly, the agency, with its client-oriented approach, has helped shape anonymous ventures into visible businesses!


www.over.earth www.ankitkumawat.com

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