Omni Marketing is doing wonders in growing sales for your client’s business, Know how – with Akanksha Chandok

In this era of COVID where times are unprecedented, every businessman whether coming from a MSME background or being a big conglomerate is either outsourcing their marketing to freelancers all across the globe in order to reach their target audience or hiring in house team to cut their costs in order to grow their everyday sales to avoid communication hassles. But the big question is “what is the one thing that they all are missing out on?”
This question coming from me might make me sound like a hypocrite in front of my audience running a digital marketing agency myself but believe me when I say it “laying all your eggs in one basket has never been a wise decision and nor it is when it comes to solely depending on digital marketing techniques for your business to grow overtime.”
A month ago, while reflecting over my client’s target audience and seeking the answer to the question stating “how should I bring conversions for their business” I got to realise that our target audience is sitting everywhere out of which some are having access to most of the online portals and some are not. The ones that do have a transparent knowledge about digital marketing and have access to online mediums may get to know about a specific product or service and become a successful conversion in terms of giving business to that organization I’m catering digital marketing to, but what about the rest? How to approach them? How to convey them our message?
The answer is to opt for an “Omni approach” in terms of marketing. The word may sound ambiguous at first but it’s meaning is very simple and results are tremendous. Going Omni means opting for both online and offline mediums while marketing one’s business. This approach involves all those people that fall in the percentage of “non active users” when the business is shouting their message out loud on all online platforms thereby spending huge amount of money. These are the people who are still obsessed with tangible business cards, pamphlets, flyers, books, seasonal cards and gifts, newspapers/ press releases, magazines, hoardings and banners to know a brand and become their potential customer.
Though online mediums are less expensive than traditional marketing techniques stated above but that doesn’t mean that offline mediums still can’t support in building the foundational grounds of one’s business/start-up. No matter your client is selling an online or offline brand, taking a 360-degree approach in serving their needs and bringing potential prospects to them is our job being a digital marketer and taking an egoistic approach in the middle of the whole process to promote digital marketing as a medium to achieve one’s business goal is lying to self and the client.
No wonder why these big shots call it Ambani, Tata, Birla, Bhutani and many more to go countless are present everywhere call it from the everyday banners that you see them reflecting on the route you choose to reach your office from home or the magazine you pick from a salon shelf or a 5-star property desk to read while you are waiting at the reception area sitting on a comfy sofa to get your room key meanwhile reading every headline with a sip of a coffee in your hand.
Long story short, these big brands do understand the needs of their audience and keep a track of their everyday activity. There’s a reason why they are investing their time, money and efforts for being seen everywhere. No matters it’s a rikshawala or a general manager of a 7-star property, everyone is their potential customer and they won’t lose a single opportunity to convey the message that “Yes, we do exist in the market.” And so does we need to inculcate in our everyday decision-making process thereby not making digital tools as our sword to have an edge over the market.

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