January 30, 2023
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Neha Agarwal: The woman behind Digi Acai

Neha Agarwal: The woman behind Digi Acai

“Digi Acai is a niche SEO & content agency that specializes in DTC & Shopify-based clients.”

Indian startups are on the rise, and the industry is booming when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing is paving the way for women entrepreneurs, too, as many women have a myriad of enterprising ideas with the coming of the digital age, and some even owning a successful venture. Talking about one such woman who, with her SEO and marketing strategies, has generated millions of revenues in one year since its inception and millions more developed for her clients, indeed inspiring to say the least.

Digi Acai, a venture of Neha Agarwal, came into being in January 2020 intending to provide standard SEO services together with more assistance, guidance, advice, and organic growth and focus on business objectives from Search Engines. Neha possesses 12 years of rich working experience as a Digital marketer from various startups like Jabong, IGP.com, Heads Up For Tails, POPxo, and many more. Though there are vast numbers of Digital Marketing agencies in India, Neha’s focus was to stay in a niche and provide services based on extensive experience. She had realized that Indian startups needed more than standard SEO package services. With these innovative thoughts, Digi Acai was formed to provide a structural approach towards the SEO for the startups, providing them with personalized solutions and expertise as per their business and budget goals.

Digi Acai caters to SEO consulting. It focuses on building a comprehensive SEO strategy for the website and content Marketing that helps increase the conversion rate that can further help improve the company’s revenue. Since SEO is the backbone of all websites, their fully managed SEO services with upgraded methods help enhance the online business and websites. The team at Digi Acai under the expert SEO consultant Neha Agarwal is client-centric in their dealings and curates client-focused work with the best SEO strategies basis the Industry, Competition, and goals defined by the client. They leave no stone unturned in giving 360 attention to their client’s commitments with the box solution and exceptional results as they prioritize quality over quantity.

Neha narrates a phase of her life that changed her perspective and ended up learning, “I didn’t get my dream job in an MNC after completing engineering. For years, I had to struggle. Considering my career today, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have learned that when things don’t go according to your plan, they go according to God’s. That’s better than anything.”

The covid-19 pandemic had taken a toll on every business, and so is Neha’s Digi Acai. She states, “As soon as we started, Covid occurred where the business has transitioned, and everyone has hit a new normal to lead their lives. In India, we had to endure tough times and uncertain situations during the lockdown. It was tough to push through the pandemic for someone like me who knows only her work to handle so many responsibilities of running a startup. However, I am learning and growing a lot in the process.”

Neha keeps herself self-motivated; she meditates whenever she feels low. She keeps herself charged by reading about the personal experiences of influential people that self realizes that nobody is perfect and no one has everything. Those who have achieved it have done so through consistency, grit, and hard work. Hence she believes that consistency is everything that keeps a person going.

Along with being an entrepreneur, Neha is a toddler’s mother whose life revolves around her work and his activities. She is married to Pankaj Chauhan, a very experienced digital marketer heading the team at one of the leading software-tech startups. She is a career-focused mother, and she is gradually building a community for like-minded moms with www.mummas.in.

Neha draws inspiration from Indra Nooyi and Sheryl Sandberg and admires one of her previous mentors Ms. Rashi Narang whose hard work and determination are worthy of praise.

She concludes with a few of her words of wisdom for the aspiring women entrepreneurs “Even if my journey can inspire one more woman to give importance to their career, I am satisfied. You could have many reasons for not continuing. The one reason to keep doing it, though, is to inspire other women. Let’s build a legacy to be proud of.”

You can learn more about Neha – https://www.nehaagarwal.in/  Visit to learn more – https://digiacai.com/ 

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