Narendra Modi’s Ministers Vaishnaw And Rane In Action Mode from Day One


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed his ministers to get to work from day one. Following his command, retired bureaucrat-turned-Rajya Sabha MP, Ashwini Vaishnaw, came to the office at 9 am to take charge of his duties on the first day. The minister, who was in a jovial mood, claimed that he wants to lead the Indian railways by example, and therefore is being punctual and hopes that the railways will follow suit.

Within hours of taking charge, Vaishnaw established a strict schedule for railway staff. He ordered the officials and staff of the Railway Ministry to work in two different shifts and issued an order on Thursday (July 8, 2021), which stated that the morning shift would start at 7:00 hrs and end at 16:00 hrs, while the evening shift will work from 15:00 hrs till midnight.

A source told News18.com that Vaishnaw interacted with his team on day one, especially two MoS, Darshana Ben Jardosh and Rao Saheb Danve, and told all his staff that he wanted to do away with the hierarchy of the ministry and hopes that all the seniors and junior members of his team will work collectively in making Indian Railways more efficient.

He expressed the willingness to use all the resources at his disposal. He said that, unlike others, he would not use an external agency for Public Relations and other necessary tasks but rely on in-house resources.

Senior politician and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Narayan Rane also started his first day at the Ministry of MSME on a similar note. He was welcomed with bouquets as he took charge on day one. However, the minister quickly got down to business post his welcoming ceremony. He made it clear that he wants full attendance at his office and wants his staff to be on top of things. He asked several questions to his team, like ‘How many jobs does this sector offered?’, ‘What is our GDP contribution?’ and wanted all the necessary files to update him about the current situation.

On Thursday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged his council of ministers to work on mission mode and collaborate efficiently with their junior colleagues and co-workers to yield a better result. He also told them to focus on work alone and has advised them not to leave the capital before Independence Day unless absolutely necessary. He further insisted them to refrain from celebrating and organising public gatherings to mark their entry into the cabinet.

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