Mudassir Nazar Mulla: Skill Development trainer, Entrepreneur and Director at VMasterMindKids Pvt Ltd

Needless to say, development of skill in any students is the crucial need of the hour in this era where the demand of technology is on the rise. It not just fuels the growth of the economy it makes one more employable in this cutting edge of competition. Development of different types of skills in any students eliminates the bridge gap between their education and employment. Taking into consideration the current scenario of competition in every sector the overall development of an individual is of utmost importance with their enhancement in soft skills and hard skills. With an initiative to enhance a child with innovate skills VMasterMindKids came into existence.

VMasterMindKids Pvt Ltd, a venture by Mr. Mudassir Nazar Mulla is an institution that aims to promote the development of brain with enhancement of skills for students under the age group of 6-15 years. This in turn becomes a driving force for boosting confidence in students so that they can stand tall in all walks of life along with a success in school curriculum. Their research based scientifically designed Holistic course curriculum stimulates both sides of brain in a child. The plethora of courses offered by VMasterMindKids includes Coding, Stem and Robotics, Quick and smart Memorization, Strong Maths foundation, Vedic Maths, Abacus, English Speaking course and Phonics.

The team of experts at VMasterMindKids under the leadership of Mr. Mulla spares no effort in keeping a close monitoring on each child’s journey and challenges of current education system and basis the analysis they have well structure the 2 year course of 8 levels keeping in view about a child’s needs for the future so that each students becomes confident and proud of their accomplishments and successful in their future. Along with a boost in self esteem and determination in the child learning new skills benefits a child throughout their in every field.

In the words of Mr. Mulla “Our main motto is to train the students to enhance and polish their communication skills along with various distinct skills so that they become potential enough to stand out from the rest even from a social perspective”. Indeed, any kind of additional skill in a person makes them unique and stands out from their peers that help them to elevate in their desired field.

Mr.Mulla has a rich experience in teaching field with a demonstrated history of working as Lecturer in Mathematics in various well reputed schools in India. He keeps great interest in reading, learning new concepts, and exploring ideas.

Awards and Achievements

1. Felicitated with 22nd National Children Science Congress 2014 Award for guiding in the Project of understanding weather and Climate.

2. Ranked 1st for Innovative Model in Science in the year 2013 and 2014.

3. Recipient of Various Awards and recognition at District and State Level Debate competitions.


  Mr. Mulla is Certified in Memory training, Abacus, Vedic Maths, Robotics, Coding and stem.


Expert Memory Trainer

– Vedic Maths Trainer

– Abacus trainer

– English Speaking Trainer

– Robotic, stem and Coding Trainer

VMasterMindKids is looking forward to expand their wings to dedicated teachers, individuals and Institutions with an exclusive training and Franchise for every course provided by them with nominal investment. They strives to support each Franchise with continuous training support until they becomes entirely efficient in terms of all aspects of business as they believe in nurturing talents. Mr. Mulla appreciates each Franchise, Course Instructor, and all the stakeholders of the company for their contribution and considers them as a valuable asset of the company.

Nurturing a child’s skill at their growing age is very important that makes them prepared for any better approach towards anything they run across in their lives. If you are one who wants to prepare your child to excel in various areas of life with career growth in future then you must enroll your kids in VMasterMindKids Pvt Ltd now!

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