Ms ShruthikaChandran awarded with Master Of Rhymes Award by Shahanshah Virtual Awards in Shahanshah Got Talent

Expressing the unexpressed through their pen is what the writers are best at.Today Shahanshah Virtual Awards recognize one such personality with the Master Of Rhymes award who has the talent to bring change in society through her thoughts.

Shruthikachandran is passionated to be a writer from tamilnadu , d/o Mythilychandran, she started her journey of penning to burst her stress and boost her confidence, her pen was lighten up by her dear comrade who supported her and made her start his first stepping stone for her passion by making her to unleash her talent of writing through @her_pennings_02, it’s her privilege to mention her friend who always stood by her @minion_boy_surya / surya Prakash.A. She has co-authored fifteen plus books and she has done her intern in content writing successfully for two months, and as the time travels she started to compile and she has successfully compiled 2 anthologies and 3 books are yet to launch and she has decided grow firm in her field of writing so she is working as a project head under @book -o -pedia publications, under her there are two projects , As she is more passionated she have decided to write a solo book so she have started writing a solo book named”HER’S UNTOLD PHASES “, soon will be launching on coming months , she has great desires in her passion she follows a simple Philosophy that is “SHE BELIEVES WRITINGS MANIFEST THE REAL HER “. She is so humbled and respects her writings she will be forever a passionated and soon to be professional writer.Attachments area

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