Mr Abhinav Zaidi, like any ordinary man, was born and brought up in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is now looking for some extremely talented and dedicated people to endure their hidden talent and make them rise high and shine. Not only this, Mr Abhinav started his career at the age of 16 in 2013 as an actor in theatre plays like – Gare ki deewar and Chandramukhi as a lead actor. Acting has always been a dream for him. He was exceptionally keen and passionate about it. Unlike most ordinary people, he chose to follow his heart and passion, the thing he loves the most. He completed his education at a well-established school – Bishop John’s school, located in Prayagraj.

Mr Abhinav started his first event in 2016 in Prayagraj as ‘Allahabad Ki Shaan’, followed by a show in Mumbai named ‘Fashion Icon India’. He then worked for the Big Achievements Show- Nakshatra in 2021. Now he’s looking forward to a significant step ahead in December with Nakshatra season 2.

Jolly soon, Mr Abhinav is starting a web series in Prayagraj, and he is also launching a music album with Vikalp Dwivedi (Wicked Sunny). He is constantly growing on the path that he desired, that he created.

He has also worked with many celebrities like Sweety Walia, Daboo Ratnani, Master Raju Shrestha, and writer Krishna Bhardwaj. He is ambitiously waiting to embrace more such exciting and inspiring events to take place.

Mr Abhinav, a man with a golden heart, has made his magnificent team, who made him realize his greatest dream – Khwaish Company, a company of goals, along with the graceful efforts of Miss. Lubna, Miss Ishika and Mr. Vikalp.

Mr Abhinav, with his team, has always been looking to enhance and glorify the beauty and elegance of Prayagraj. He is consistently launching music albums, fulfilling his passion, and living a comfortable and purposeful life.

Besides all, Mr Abhinav has walked out with a marvellous purpose to make every talent showcase itself like a portrait laid in front of the world, so that every talent is valued, respected and promoted, causing a significant change in the world and creating a chain of employment, growth, satisfaction and happiness. He looks at the world, unlike others, as people filled with unique talents that are to be recognized by the rest, to inspire many others. Hence, creating a slow but massive change in the lives of the people. 

His current vision is to make Uttar Pradesh a dream city, where people with talent would no longer have to struggle in utter despair and live meaningless life. Instead, they would flaunt their talent and be proud of it. 

Mr Abhinav is a genuinely consistent man. Any work he does is of supremely high quality, and as a result, the retention of users is on a whole next level. He inspires them to freely and proudly follow their passion. 

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