Mohd Talib  launched a new reality show Seven battle star under BOUNCER PRODUCTION company

Mohd. Talib is one of the growing entrepreneurs who is achieving the heights of success with his entrepreneurship and BD skills and creating a modern visionary throughout the world.

Mohd. Talib was born in Baheri, Bareilly district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He has made every possible effort to combine the dignity of his office and his business with his motivation to take the plunge into life’s hindrances and official circumstances.

He had created a subtle command while working on talent platforms or talent institutions as a Business Developer (BD). The main job he learns is to ultimately find new targets and promote the sales and services of the company or organization. Nevertheless, he was accompanied by the development of lots of new connections, determination, leadership qualities, strong work ethics, and confidence in himself.

This led him to embark on his new voyage in “Kanpur”, a city that is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He founded the film production company “BOUNCER PRODUCTION” [] in the Kanpur city. He provided superficial, productive, and high-quality content & contest work as a producer, casting director, and entrepreneur. His success has been steadily increasing since the beginning. So, he also established new branches of production houses in the cities of Bareilly, Chandigarh, and Delhi.

He commenced his career at a very low level and every day he improved himself and was successfully adorned with a stunning award as “Best Event Organiser and Best BD of the Year” in the year of 2016, in order to glorify him with honour and pride.

 He is all set to broadcast a reality show, namely “SEVEN BATTLE STAR”, as well as a beauty pageant titled “MR. MISS MRS. FABULOUS INDIA”, listed as upcoming projects.


Genre :- Reality show

Production companies – BOUNCER PRODUCTION

present & Release

Original network Bpflixtv.

SEVEN BATTLE STAR is an youth based reality show.  launched in 2022 Bpflixtv ott in India.

In this show, a group of contestants travel to different destinations and participate in various tasks that challenge their physical, social and mental strength. The show is created by Mohd Talib. He told the media that they had done enough to popularise the show and wanted to give opportunities to the new generation to carry the show forward. During the course of the journey there are vote outs, vote ins, eliminations and game changing twists. Eventually the contestant who manages to survive vote outs and succeed in the finale is chosen as the winner. The show has enjoyed relative success among the youth. When asked about the show, the mohd talib said, “Seven battle star has, adventure, drama”.

Talib says many people launch in this show as a captain Mayank dwivedi , Swati Sharma & kajal Singh lead as gang leader . & Show host by Mr Allan bazil monterio (international groomer & actor). 

Mr Allan bazil monterio told this show gonna amazing because here is , controversy, drama, adventure & mentality test & this is first show who enter wild card begging of the show & they have power off save any one contestants.

He has also been ready for big announcements, which include that he is going to launch his own video streaming or OTT platform named “BPFLIXTV.” [

In addition, he has planned to launch his own self-composed music album in which the titles of the songs are “EYELINER” and “TU MERA JAHAAN THA”.

This personality of the younger generation with young and strong mindsets, capable of achieving heights, will surely make an impact on youngsters to become achievers.

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