Mohd Altamash – The young Digital Marketing Guru of India

Mohd Altamash, a name many Digital Marketing enthusiasts known for his Digital Marketing skills. Completed his schooling from St. Joseph Convent School in a small town called Kotdwara, in Uttarakhand.

His Life’s toughest decision was to Drop college the second time to pursue his passion, it was then when he started learning Designing and Digital marketing.

To begin a journey starting from a path where he wanted to develop his brand name was not as easy as it sounds. Though it was a tough time but his confidence to accomplish certain goals led him to grow in Designing and Digital Marketing. Leading him to a stage where his clients now don’t ask for the strategies, he uses but trusts him because of his words.

The journey in Digital Marketing started in 2015, where he worked for many professionals worldwide. Some of his works includes Digital Marketing consulting, zoom calls, workshops, and is now available in the field to deliver his knowledge to beginners and to professionals.

Mohd Altamash is a practitioner of Paid social media and provides classes to Digital Marketing enthusiasts and Affiliate Marketers through his self-owned community – Digital Freedom Society where a number of courses have been created for everyone and anyone who wishes to start with podcasts and Affiliate Marketing in a much easier way. Additionally, few eBooks have also been offered which you must check out.

Mohd Altamash is also very well known among his audience on social media platforms because of his posts; from inspiring people with his digital marketing posts to the people following him for his work on social media with his work appreciated among many. He says, “Digital Marketing is a booming industry and many industries who are not utilising this opportunity right now will be decades behind their competitors in next few years”.

Mohd Altamash feels that Digital Marketing has a broader way from educating people to promote Individual Brands worldwide for their audience. And so Digital Marketing comes in the Priority list and is a must for all businesses to survive in today’s competitive market.

It is essential for a business or an individual to select the right organization to take care of your business marketing and strategies behind it, the very reason why your business needs a practical practitioner like Mohd Altamash, who takes care of present and future strategies to increase the brand value with correct Digital marketing approach.

According to Altamash, Brands must focus on every aspect of marketing to stay one step ahead of their competitors by using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Messenger bots, live video, social strategy, content marketing, analytics, video creation, Pinterest, Snapchat, Podcast and more.

Why only Mohd Altamash?

Yes, obviously you can choose anyone in the market but are you sure that your business which means a lot to you needs any random marketer. Altamash who have been in this field for more than 6 years now and have been in touch with the leading digital marketers enhanced his practical approach, experimental strategies, and knowledge of an individual’s business are what made him grow faster than others in this field.

Altamash is a young and talented marketer who had already made a strong impact with his work in this professional field of Digital Marketing. Let’s see what he will be bringing for us all in the few upcoming years. India and businesses of India need experts like him to compete with other countries in terms of technology and marketing strategies, we rarely see an Indian guy making the buzz in the field of Digital Marketing.

Although many of the experts are copying things but Altamash makes his own path by continuously trying and experimenting with new theories of Digital marketing. His strategies against changing Algorithms of Google and social media made his execution different from old traditional approaches. He is empowering himself to provide more privileges to an individual business.

So, we would be recommending any start-up, established company or Brand who is struggling to compete in Digital World, should contact Mohd Altamash today. He will take care of your Company’s Marketing strategies and convert your company into a well-known Brand with his sound digital marketing tactics.

Experts like Mohd Altamash are an inspiration for many in today’s time, and he feels that one should be confident enough to believe in his/her strength. If you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t. So start believing and people will believe in you and your work.



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