January 30, 2023
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Mobile Pet grooming make life easy for Bangalore’s pets and their parents

Mobile Pet grooming make life easy for Bangalore’s pets and their parents

Pet grooming is a particularly strong bet. As we learned from pandemic that sometimes the strongest business plans are focused on mobility not on Location. People like services that come to their doorstep while working from home.

Some of the common problem like Separation anxiety, poor sanitation and not getting proper attention pets face when they are left at a grooming centre alone. But pet parents in Bangalore can now heave a sigh of relief as mobile pet grooming that offer all type of grooming services at their doorsteps. During this lockdown time doorstep pet grooming services have come as a blessing on wheels for pets and their parents.

“Finally I got mobile Grooming van in Bangalore. During the lockdown time my Shihtzu got matted. And I was looking for Home Grooming services who can do the Grooming at my doorstep not inside my home. EnchantingPets mobile dog Grooming Van solve all my problems. They come to my place and take my dog shihtzu to their van for grooming. It’s very convenient. You need not to take our dog to a grooming centre for hours, and all grooming centre mostly packed on the weekends. The mobile pet grooming have really helped us a lot,”

Says Abhi, a pet parent in Bangalore.

Mobile Pet grooming provide all the grooming services that regular grooming centres provides”

All services are performed inside state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon. Dog grooming salon is equipped with hot and cold running water, warm air drying for a comfortable grooming experience, a full size tub, and an adjustable grooming table. They provide personal, uninterrupted attention for you and your pet in a quiet, stress-free setting. On wheels salon offers a safe, sanitary and healthy environment where pets are never put in crates or cages. A mobile salon is perfect for senior pets, pets that experience car sickness, or suffer separation anxiety.

‘Now my pooch doesn’t think that we leave without him’

One of the key reasons that made leaving pets for hours at a pet grooming centre difficult is separation anxiety. Which is why these Mobile Dog grooming vans have been a hit among Bangalore pet parents.

Advantages for Pet and their Parents.

1.    No car sickness or dirty pets riding in the car.

2.    Grooming at pets natural environment

3.    Hassle and stress free for pets

4.    Monitor their special attention during grooming

5.    No more stress or hassle dropping off and picking up your dog from dog grooming parlour

About Enchantingpets Mobile Pet grooming (https://www.enchantingpets.com)

They’re not just any vans; they’re a dog grooming salon on wheels!

Enchantingpets vans are custom pet grooming van which is fully equipped with all the equipment that a professional pet groomer requires. The modern vans are equipped with quiet generators, heat and two water tanks. One fresh water tank, and one for the “gray” (dirty) water. Your pet is always bathed with clean, warm water in a relaxing bath. The stainless steel tube are specially designed for our vans and fit any breed or size and an adjustable grooming table. Your pet is hand dried by their efficient force air dryers. They gently dry and fluff at a low speed, or at a high speed loosen dirt and remove excess undercoat.

“Driven by our love for animals, we provide everything from basic grooming services to packages that include Grooming and Styling, Tick & Flea Control Treatments oil massages, Matt Removal, in our on wheels pet grooming van which is equipped with expert grooming stylists with years of experience who make your pets into enchanting pets” and its also help full for large and old dogs. says Robiul MD of EnchantingPets

For Franchise Opportunity call 9663329293. Or you can check the link below.https://www.enchantingpets.com


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