MITTIKALAA – How a woman-made local business grew to become a global business in just a few years, exporting crockery to the world.

“Mittikalaa” is a Hindi word which was only known by Indians just a few years ago, but it is a widely known name in the world now. This is because of the different designs of clay and ceramic pots. Clay pots are sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled, organic, and ethical products. Mittikalaa is not a Hindi word which is just used for an art of clay, but it represents the Indian culture.

 After completing her MBA, Renu relaunched her family business in a new way using technology and techniques. Most parents want their child to find a job after completion of the education. As Renu did not want to pursue a 9 to 6 job, she decided to lead the family business. This was not an easy task because there were a lot of challenges to overcome in the process of becoming global from local. The biggest challenge was unorganised work in the business. She designed the process and controlled the quality of the work. Mittikalaa has grown its scope from local to global level during her leadership. Now the company is exporting clay and ceramic products in developed countries of the world. The company has designed so many products that beat a world record for different clay pot designs.

Renu mentioned in an interview that her ancestors used to build clay pots with chalk to sell locally. Her father started a factory of ceramic and clay pots and used to build disposable clay cups and glasses, which were used for parties or tea shops. He started making clay cookers and started trading in the local market, the response to which was good. As businesses were growing from local to global, Renu decided to start a company with new ideas. She provided the solutions to the problems so that the company could deliver products on time and with quality, making it possible to build trust with the customers. She started to create business policies and processes to build trust with customers, which helped to improve the quality of the work. The biggest challenge was to ensure safe delivery of the products from the factory to foreign importers. She did a lot of experiments and used a lot of packing material and various processes so that products could be delivered in any part of the world. Nowadays import companies ask for customized products. They have their own new designs and order large quantities.

         More than 500 workers are working in the company now. The company is exporting ceramic and clay pots and produces customized products based on clients’ requirements. Importers from foreign countries are approaching Mittikalaa to obtain the products. The company is planning to expand its business in the ceramic sector as this sector has a high demand. The company is exporting its products to New Zealand, Canada, USA, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UK, and etc.

       Indian government has supported the handicraft business in various ways and has set up different plans to promote Indian businesses and their export. Government’s initiative of ease of doing business is the biggest help for Mittikalaa.

Uttar Pradesh, chief minister Mr Yogi Adityanath has appreciated Mittikalaa’s work, Indian trade fair and exhibition has helped a lot.

If you want to get more information about Mittikalaa, you can visit the website:

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