Ayurveda, the traditional medicinal practice system is known to be one of the oldest forms of healing mechanism in the world. Developed decades ago in India, the practice is based on the belief of living in harmony with the environment we are placed in, while striking a balance between the mind, body and the soul.

Ayurveda is known to be the holistic system which aims to detoxify, cleanse and strengthen the body by curing the root cause of the disease. Treating the underlying cause rather than the part of the body or organ affected is what makes Ayurvedic Treatments successful. Another factor which makes Ayurveda popular and a trusted system among masses is that these treatments and medicines do not have any side-effects. All ayurvedic medicines are known to be free from any chemical substances and are made using natural, organic sources.

The online sale of Ayurvedic products has revolutionised the market and Kakunje Ayurveda Wellness is growing as the most preferred brand amongst customers offering retail and wholesale products in Ayurveda medicines, herbal products, health and wellness supplements and medical equipments.

The Venture

Dr. Prasanna officially established his brand in the year 2013 under the name -Kakunje Wellness and Kakunje Ayurveda. His ventures are branded by his last name which is his family name- Kakunje referring to a family hailing from Kerala, near Kasaragod.

His brand ascertains its place under the Ayurveda Health and Wellness Care and envisions to create a healthy society by all natural means. Kakunje Wellness is a start-up vested in offering its customers a whole range of Ayurveda medicines and herbal products at the most affordable price in the market. Besides ensuring a competitive price, Kakunje Wellness promises its customers the best quality products and takes utmost care while delivering the same.

Dr. Kakunje’s sheer dedication has led the brand to make a name for itself in the digital market space by offering more than five hundred products to its consumers. The brand which started as a home office with the sole presence of Dr. Prasanna, has significantly expanded its existence with a six-hundred sq. ft. work-station will full-time staff and a clinic attached to it. Dr. Prasanna takes immense pride in recounting what began as a single brand with just four products, today has over thirty companies under its wing and stocks more than five hundred products.

Kakunje Wellness started as an offline business but has now set its roots in the online arena, selling around two hundred products online from their e-commerce platform – Working to provide quality products from multiple brands at one place, Dr. Prasanna Kakunje started working on his idea from 2012 and today, his brand ships worldwide. Kakunje Wellness offers products for both retail and bulk purchases and carries out international shipping through DHL and duly checks with the customers for approval of costs before shipping their package.

The customers always hold prime value at Kakunje Wellness and their personalized customer care and advise always gives the customers a satisfactory experience. They provide their customers with the option of consultation over call if they are not very sure about what suits them the best for their expected purposes.

The Founder- Dr Prasanna Kakunje

Dr. Prasanna always wanted to expand the horizons of the availability of Ayurvedic medicines. Soon after he completed his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree in 2002, he started his practice. Eventually, he also pursued his MD in Ayurveda general medicine in the year 2005 and was deeply vested in teaching and clinical practice. Dr. Kakunje always had the spirit of entrepreneurship and gradually entered into the hospitality industry.

He has been associated with reputed names like Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Taj Hotels India and thereafter became a spa, wellness and Ayurveda consultant. After observing the need for Ayurveda, Dr. Prasanna always had the desire to offer the best quality medicines to his patients and soon ventured on his own Ayurvedic medicinal distributorship named Kakunje Wellness. Lately, during 2019-2020, his brand entered into the e-commerce sector under the domain

Dr. Prasanna currently works as the director and consulting Ayurveda physician at and is proprietor of He is additionally associated as a wellness resort consultant for and is a consultancy partner at He has travelled widely as consultant and advisor for Ayurveda, spa and wellness in India as well as abroad and has been to countries like Indonesia (Bali), Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Dubai.

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