Miracle Herbs is a strong proponent of simple values that embodies being close to nature, extracting pure essences and making scientific gateways to create pure herbal products that work. It is their earnest belief that nature, through its diversity, brings to us potent solutions that we can harness and create products that delight the customers. Their philosophy is to embrace nature and science and to create a novel balance of both that helps us take care of our body and mind in the most effective way. Backed by an experienced and qualified team, they conduct adequate research and manufacture their products with stringent quality control measures that conform to international quality standards.

Miracle Herbs India is passionate about curating concentrated skincare that could help rejuvenate, clarify, recover and renew the skin. Each skincare product in the series treats and boosts the skin thereby essential to be added to ones skincare routine. The brand solely believes in high performance formulas with effective ingredients that are non toxic and more informed to the consumer. All their products are well researched, time-tested and made with natural ingredients to bring forth just pure essences that are of finest quality and close to nature.

The brand has a range of Toners under the name “THE BEAUTY WATER” which are essential in skincare routine to balance the PH and give it a healthy and radiant glow. Under Miracle Herbs Beauty Water, there are four variants – Rose and Aloe, Rice Water & Cucumber, Multivitamin Essence and Daily exfoliating toner. Infused with high quality extracts and essential vitamins, these toners cater to all skin types and skin issues.

Their bestsellers “PERFECT LIPS” lip treatment balm and exfoliator are best known for their unique formula that takes the lip care game to the next level. Their hero ingredient hemp seed oil is rich in anti-oxidant and has high moisturising properties that can give intense hydration to the lips for more than 72 hours.

Face cleansers are a part of everybody’s daily routine, be it any gender. Hunting for a good face cleanser is an underrated concept yet very important. A face cleanser can not only improve your skin texture but make it a healthy-looking skin too. Miracle Herbs India presents three face cleansers i.e. Luminous, Deep Cleanse and Balancing which targets specific skin types. There are no synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals in the entire range

Apart from the above, the other hero product that has been an absolute best seller since the launch has been the MIRACLE HERBS FACE OILS. The face oils come in two variants – Radiance Oil and Ageless Oil. Face oils have many potential benefits including serving as an extra layer of protection for your skin. Known for its hydrating properties, these magic treatment oils helps in skin radiation, evens skin complexion, reduces the breakout of acne, aids in anti-aging treatment and provides antibacterial and healing properties.

The brand tagline is so well defined and that’s what the brand is trying to do here – keeping it real!

Great skin is not only dependent on your DNA but also on consistent use of real, organic skincare products and following a skincare regime. The brand is proud of its heritage and offers high quality products that draws its inspiration from mother earth. These are the reasons to go try it out !https://www.myntra.com/miracle-herbs

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