Middle class boy from bhopal made $100000 in just 2 years

“The success story of Yogesh Choudhary, founder of ADSWORLD MARKETING SOLUTION”

Success comes to those who work hard, as there is no shortcut to success. Simultaneously, big goals take time, at times a month or even years down the road. Determination and patience are the keys. If your goals and vision are vital, you will finally reach your destination after years of hard work, uncertainty, belief, doubt, perseverance, and determination. The success behind every person has a story, and the same goes with Yogesh Choudhary, the founder of Adsworld Marketing Solution, who, with his continuous effort and struggle, is soaring high and ruling the world.

 Yogesh Choudhary is a 25-year-old average young man from India who started his career with online marketing in 2018. After trying out tons of different strategies and wasting thousands of dollars in testing, traffic and procuring software, he could finally make money online. He began earning $50-$150/day with his automated systems on the initial date. Sure, these were not very big numbers, but a lot goes behind making this much money. For some, it is a life-changing income in many countries.

He says, “Life is all about struggles. Overcoming them and get up every time even when Life tries to pull you down is tough.”

So it began this way. One day he was scrolling through his Facebook news feed and came across the post of Mr Gaurab Borah, where he shared his success story of how he had earned 5-6 figure income through internet marketing. He was inspired by his story and went on asking about the whole process. He just asked one question: how he did that, and with the help of his case study, he began working on his dream. Even after putting in all his efforts every day and working hard, he failed many times. Still, he did not give up instead he kept going and finally made his first 1000 dollar through CPA marketing and not only that also build my email list through which I made over $1000 commissions through Clickbank.

As his income rose, he began fulfilling his dreams, starting with a brand new bike for his father, Mac book AIR for himself and a luxurious car for his Dad as a birthday gift. Not just this, he began exploring the whole world with his income from Internet marketing. In the year 2019, on 5th January, he registered his company “ADSWORLD MARKETING SOLUTION”, which was an outstanding achievement. He had set up a new office space in Bhopal. With time, it’s expanding and getting even more significant with bigger goals and helping more people make their dreams come true just like him with their digital information and through internet marketing.

On 18th March 2019, he achieved $10000 in just 75 days. Yes, he had set a goal for himself: to reach $10000 in just 75 days, USD 10000 is around 7 Lakh Indian rupees, and the most significant achievement for any internet marketer or any salaried employee achieve such a vast amount in just 75 days. NOW, he had gradually set a goal for himself that helped him achieve it through his hard work, consistency, patience and knowledge.

Yogesh belonged to a middle-class family from the city of Lakes, Bhopal. His father was employed as a Grade -III Government employee, his mother was a homemaker and an elder sister. He has grown up seeing his Dad toiling hard for 24×7 to fulfil their needs with a basic standard of living. He has seen his Mom trying to save every last penny to pay their school fees. At the end of the month, they were left with just enough to feed themselves and pay their house rent. But he was always fascinated by big houses, big cars, higher society’s standard of living and deep down, he had faith in him and tied a knot of becoming rich someday soon. Since childhood, he was always told to study harder, get good marks, get a job and make a lot of money. And he did that – except the process of making a lot of money. He has always been a bright student, a good Dancer, confident and an intelligent guy.

Indeed, the road to success is paved with blood, sweat, and tears, evident from Yogesh Choudhary’s story. 

So if you think you can start your own business, then there is a massive opportunity for the youngsters to build their ultimate digital lifestyle working from home by joining AFFILIATE ROCKSTARS Group on Facebook. Yogesh handles the group. If you want to get in touch with him directly for anything, possibly for a business partnership, any reasonable offers, speaking invitation etc., feel free to get in touch with him at

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