Meet Shilpa Dara: A responsible Air Hostess who adores aviation with a passion to travel

 “For some sky is the limit but for Shilpa Dara Sky is the new home”

Shilpa Dara is a 26 year old Cabin crew with Indigo Airlines who has always fascinated and dreamt to embrace one of the highly renowned professions in India. A charming personality who soars high with the amazing take and landing of the flight. Amidst seeking ways to go above and beyond she describes the sunset and sunrise to be mesmerizing that you cannot take your eyes off and you cannot stop thinking about it.

Hailing from the Vidharba region in Amravati Maharashtra it was a dream come true for Shilpa. She says “I really waited for this day to see myself in that Indigo Hat and wings on my hat”. Needless to mention, becoming an Air hostess is really an interesting choice many girl make it as a career all across the globe. However to pursue this profession it requires a lot of talent, patience, soft skills, team work along with good communication skills and presence of mind is a must have and Shilpa is the live example who possesses every single quality a cabin crew must have.

Shilpa was always inclined towards the aircraft and the sound of airplanes since childhood. She was always mesmerized with the stunning colour of sunrise and sunset. Her eyes used to look for the spectacular view of sunlight when sandwiched between the layers of cloud. She shares a very memorable experience that kept her eyes and true determination focused on this job. Once she was travelling with Air Asia and during that flight she met a very lovely personality while travelling from Delhi to Pune. The lady was very beautiful and polite and Shilpa was really enchanted with the simplicity and the humbleness of the lady and from that point of time she decided and made up her mind to make Cabin crew as her career where she can have natural and friendly connection with the customers and understand their individual needs being empathetic.

Shilpa is always calm and composed during any crisis in her life. Besides being an excellent communicator she is an excellent listener too. Her friendly and positive nature even after the longest shifts makes her an enchanting personality. For her life since childhood was a true adventure and there was a time when the going got exceptionally tough filled with trials and tribulations. During her struggling period she had faced daunting challenges together with obstacles. Tough times arose but her Mom never let her down, it was her positive affirmation that helped her to keep fighting and stand tall.

She takes pride to give credits to her Mom’s self belief and strength behind her success and accomplishment of goals. Her inspiration kept Shilpa excelling high in her career that never let me her realize the struggles. They survived all the struggles of life and now there is no looking back. Shilpa feels really elated to inform that her mom is really doing amazing in her career as a professional makeup artist. Her Mom was always passionate about enhancing people’s appearance and makes them look beautiful as she feels this can help others in boosting their confidence and self esteem. This has developed her to take her unique talent as a makeup artist to the next level by making a mark in the beauty Industry.  Shilpa feels truly blessed to have two lovely younger sisters.

Obstacles and struggles are a part of our life. Everyone’ faces adversity at some point or the other but what matters is how you bounce back from these trying times and that’s the moment that will define you as a person along with the determination of your happiness. Overlook the negative with a positive approach towards life!

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