Meet Preet Kaur Guglani, a renowned mehandi artist creating strides through her impeccable skills

Mehandi is a popular art form in India that intensifies the beauty of women in different ways. It is believed that the Solah Shringar of the bride looks incomplete if there is no mehndi design on her hands. Among thousands of Indian traditions, Mehendi is one of those traditions, which delights not only the bride-to-be but also the invitees. Applying mehndi in India is not limited only to the wedding, it’s as popular during Karva Chauth, Teeja, and various other festivals.

Today mehandi has become a lot more than being a tradition. It is a symbol of fashion that has given rise to numerous popular artists who are shaping their future in the field. Talking about one such renowned mehandi artist is Preet Kaur Guglani, who with her impeccable skills has created strides in the industry.

Being a top choice for mehandi artistry, she creates magic in your hands, and will leave the beholder bemused. She’s also won several awards for her intricate designs. She does not follow the herd blindly; she is known to create new styles of her own. She provides exceptional designs to her customers that hit the right string with them. Just another usual Mehendi art or an intricate bridal Mehendi design, go to Preet and you shall not be disappointed.

From traditional Mehendi to famous Arabic, Indo-Arabic, floral or zardozi, Preet Kaur shines in all the ways. She is very adaptive to the new trends, but she is also a trend-setter. Preet has been in this business for many years, and she’s considered a legend. Hailing from Fazilka, a small town in Punjab, Preet has garnered immense appreciation from all across due to her meticulous mehandi skills andx the way she portrays her designs in a unique and captivating manner.

Despite the fact she is well skilled in this intricate art, she is continuously working to improve her skills by learning new techniques and designs.

inputs from Shivam Madaan, Written by Shagun Sharma

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