Meet Nathaniel Greene – Sneaker Mogul

Nathaniel Greene is known as a Mogul in the Sneaker reselling Business. He started out reselling sneakers to his peers in High School and made a tremendous amount of money doing so. His Mother notice how successful he was in reselling. She believed in it so much that she gave him his first $1000 investment. 
At 18 years of age he developed his own e-commerce site. He has built and expanded his reselling sneaker business through social media platforms. He took Instagram by storm. He now has 100k followers. Which demanded the attention of celebrities such as; hip hop artist, actors, professional athletes etc. Now, he has expanded to a Brick & Mortar. His creativity speaks volume in the community that he serve. He garnered relationships with the Mayor and other prominent leaders in the community. He believe in giving back to the less fortunate. He host Annual events such as; Back to School, Christmas Toy & Thanksgiving Basket Give-a-ways. He also work with local school districts and give out scholarships.  
Sneaker reselling is based on a simple concept that guides many other businesses: buy low, sell high. You’ll want to figure out how to track expenses and figure out net profit on each pair sold. While sneaker collectors have always been around, there has been a growing, albeit unregulated, culture of reselling which has only picked up pace in a pandemic. In 2019, there were 2,000 people in the reseller market. Today, that number has swelled to 2,00,000.
Nathaniel Greene has gained quite the reputation online as a reseller, showing off bundles of sneakers.

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