Meenu Bafna – Real Super Mom

Meenu Bafna, who hails from Chhapar, a small town in Rajasthan, is a real example of a supermom who manages both her work-life and personal life altogether. She is a perfect example of women empowerment. Meenu did her schooling at Vidya Bharti school in Surat. Her father, Mannalal Baid, runs a business in Surat. Meenu is the eldest one. She has a small sister and one younger brother Mohit who also runs a business now. Meenu was intelligent from schooling itself. After completing her education, she did her graduation from Sndt Girls College. Then she married Abhay Bafna and shifted first to Coimbatore than when her husband started his own business in Chennai; she came to Chennai. Talking to Meenu, she says as the company was new and even the fund was less. She helps her husband set the business. Till now, she handles the account and allows her husband to run the business successfully.

Abhay says that Meenu contribution is much more in his success, but she never takes any credit for all the work she does. They have two children Shrey and Shruti, who are in 8th and 11th standard currently. Shruti says mom use to manage all the tasks office and home all by herself without complaining. Shruti, who secured 91.2 per cent this year in 10th, gives most of the credit to her mom that it was her mom who supported her a lot in her studies and guided her she never take anything as a burden. Shrey also added that the work we three do together is more than his mom’s work all by herself.

Other than doing accounting, Meenu is a good cook; also, she cooks a lot of dishes. During the covid time as the lockdown was there, she made sure her children should do some indoor activities to remain fit. She is a perfect example of a working mom who does everything by herself without complaining or taking any credit. She says she must do all these tasks. She further says her main priority is always her children success, for that if we have to sacrifice our needs, we can do that. She says in the digital era, it’s essential to look after the children activity. They should not be provided all the things whatever they ask until it’s of utmost importance.

During the lockdown, as children could not do any outdoor activities, all the classes were online; she ensured the children were not sitting in front of the mobile. She further adds this is when a child should be appropriately guided to their best friend and make sure they should not hide something from us. Other than this, Meenu loves driving, watching movies, and visiting new places with the family. She says past one and a half years due to covid no outing was done, but they will go on a trip for sure when everything is back to normal.

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