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Award-Winning Author Dinesh Sahay has written eleven books and an audio-book in which six books are in English, three in Hindi, one in Tamil and one in Bengali. There are two new books under publishing process likely to be launched soon, written in English and another in Hindi language. The book, “Can I Create What Star Can’t Foretell?” was the best seller at #6th spot at Amazon Kindle.

 New Releases of author Dinesh Sahay are;

“The Power of “Q” Analyse Youth Life Score and Assess Forthcoming Life”.

“वर्तमान जीवन के विश्लेषण से आगामी जीवन जानें और भाग्य उदय करें”

 These are his best books;

1. Story of Unbelievable Miracles of Life.

2. Miracles Through My Eyes.

3. Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell? (Audio-book is also released)

4. Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune.

5. Art of Staying Young While Growing Old

6. Jeevan ke Kuch Adbhut Pal.

7. Mastishk aur Vicharo se Jeevan ki Rachna Kaise Kare?

8. বাস্তব জীবনে করুন নিজের স্বপ্ন পূরণ

               লিখেছেন দিনেশ সহায় (Fulfill Dreams in Real Life) 

 (His one book is in the Tamil and other in Bengali languages (a translated version of his English-book). 

   The Author, Dinesh Sahay (BSc, CBIM), a Marketing professional served as ex.GM, DM in many companies in India. He was born in Jhansi Uttar Pradesh, lived in Gwalior with his father, mother, elder brother and a sister in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India, later he shifted to Kanpur. His father was a Mechanical Engineer, and his late Grandfather was Courtier in the Maharaja Scindhiya Kingdom Gwalior MP India later established an Ashram in Gwalior (Gajra Raja Apang Ashram for physically handicapped and people with chronic illnesses). 

   The journey as an author had begun right at a young age when I was a child. A saint used to live in our house in Gwalior in the year 1950. One day, I saw a saint writing a book. I asked him, ” I wanted to start writing a book, and would like his help”. The elderly saint answered, “first you must complete your education, and connect with your inner-self, the day will come you will be a successful author”. This thought and his blessings remained in my mind, and it played very well in the latter part of my life. After completing my education, I had the quality to observe life events very minutely, whether good or bad. I confronted death on four occasions and experienced how I recovered and lived on. I closely watched each activity of my friends, client, colleagues and people around me that includes nature. I got some sense of how man faces creation in his life. I designed this advanced program and thought about writing his first book, “Enlighten the lamp of Your Fortune” which was published by Notion Press, after having had assisted many members, I wrote another book, “Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell” which became a bestseller at Amazon Kindle.

 With vast practical experience in the Art of Creation, he started a program “Make Your Dreams Come True” and “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune” program in 2003, through blogs and social media. He interacted with members online. He distributed his program as a digital book through emails to members and on social media. He evolved a technique by which anything can be achieved in life in a pre-set time by using the power of the mind, power of words and right targeted actions. He guided many of his members, clients, distributors, dealers and many with whom he has connected during his service period about achieving their goals and creating what they want in life. This program was a great success whoever tried this program (program includes businesses, finances, wish fulfilment, marriage issues, health etc). The journey as an author is still continued now.

Awards & trophies

  He won best Author Awards, Trophy and certificates for the book, “MIRACLES THROUGH MY EYES” given below; 

1. Litroma 75 Rising Stars Award 2020 at New Town Books Fair 2020 held at Kolkata on 1st January 2020

2. Critic Space Online Journal – for Top -100 Debut Novels

(The book, “Miracles Through My Eyes” was selected as India’s one of the Top-100 Debut Novels under the survey of Literature Light & Criticspace Journal. The book was selected as per the reviews of the book, and the popularity of the author among the readers.)

3. Literary Voice Magazine Awards for Best Author of all times.

4. INSPIRO AWARDS WINNER (Priya’s Wisdom Publications)

5. Tagore COMMEMORATIVE Honouree Author Award for 2021.

(For Literary Contribution and beyond.

To commemorate spirit of literary excellence
on Tagore’s birthday, NE8x® Litfest donated

proceeds from registrations to social impact
initiatives of the Tagore Foundation School Kolkata).


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