The power of writing is said to be eternal. The ideas expressed by writers have the power to influence the mind-set and question the thought-process of the reader. In this sense, words written or spoken are known to shape our belief system, perspective and expression.

Spirituality in literature indicates many emerging themes and diverse flavors. Finding inspiration, motivation for self- growth, balancing emotions are various themes which form a part of a spiritual author’s writings. Neeraj Rai is a best-selling spiritual author and thought-leader who is on a mission to help the masses unleash their highest potential by discovering their spiritual limitless self.

Neeraj was born and brought up in an ordinary farmer family residing in a small village in Mau District, Uttar Pradesh. Since the young age of 13, his mind started questioning and bothering him for answers to riddles of life which led him to self- introspect and discover the transient nature of this world. He soon delved deeper into questions about life and death in search of answers, but instead found more pieces of the puzzle to group together. Neeraj started searching for the meaning of life and death and why was he born in this this world?  He wanted answers to what lies beyond life and death?

Following the regular course of life, he joined as a Customs Officer at the age of twenty- three but, unable to find meaning in the world of limelight and glamour, he took to the path of self-quest while balancing his family and professional life. Inept to find answers to many questions, he switched his focus onto various theories of Science and Philosophy but the struggle didn’t end there. He found no answers, his inner search for the truth baffled his mind and ultimately led him to the spiritual path at the age of 32. It was the golden year of 2014, when Neeraj encountered some sort of spiritual awakening which transformed his inner life and guided him to remain on the path of meditation, contemplation and silence for seven long years with minimum contact with the outer world, to deepen and stabilize in the new understanding of his true self.   

The path of self- discovery steered the way for Neeraj to write about the liberation and transformation he experienced and the changes he underwent during his journey. Through his writings, Neeraj intends to remind people about their limitless spiritual essence and innate abilities and makes an effort to encourage them to be fearless and take action for the things which truly matters to them.

Neeraj’s debut book ‘The Power of Awakened Mind: Discover Your Spiritual Hero’, the Amazon India best-seller was published in 2021 which became popular under many categories. Through this book, Neeraj spreads the message of discovering one’s true spiritual self while living their family and working life and emboldens people to explore new avenues while embarking on a deep-thought process. This book received a lot of appreciation from the readers and, a reader from the Netherlands posted a note on her social media stating that Neeraj Rai’s book was the best transformation book she had come across in the past one year.   

Lately, Neeraj’s book ‘Live Before You Die’ was released which is said to be a thought-provoking book. Through this book, Neeraj intends to send out a strong message about how awareness of our mortality removes distractions and undue influences and helps us focus on the things which are of utmost importance and truly matter in life. He regards that life is a gift of God and building such awareness would in turn encourage one to create a solid vision of life and live a truly meaningful and fulfilling life by exploring new avenues. This book also provides a scientifically crafted framework and a step-by-step guide to unleash the inner strength and abilities. Neeraj’s book has created a mark in the field of writing by receiving widespread appreciation from readers in India and across the world and has made it to the list of Amazon International Bestseller within a few weeks of its launch.

Apart from the author’s deep interest in spirituality and meditation, he is also fond of the nature, and loves adventure, photography, and long drives. Neeraj Rai is a great addition to the list of authors whose books have always garnered positive reviews. The expression “Contemplating on what lies beyond self-identity, is the shortest route to self-discovery” by Neeraj in itself gives an idea as to why readers find his books to be life-changing and thought-provoking. For more:

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