Make moments memorable with Vasami India – A startup by youthpreneurs changing the experience of gifting

With the Festive season approaching, sharing and receiving has become an inevitable part of our celebrations, we enjoy offering gifts in unique ways. To make the gifting experience valuable for all, Vasami India, a Startup by youth entrepreneurs helps design and curate customized gifts as per the need and expectations of the client. Vasami is not only serving its clients as a seller of quirky gifts, but also being a gift consultant to its customers by providing solutions as per the budget, occasion, likes and interests, and any special demands of their customers.

The concept emerged when these founders were looking for a special and personalized gift for their parents right before the pandemic wave swept the entire planet. They decided to make the present themselves with the help of their local vendor contacts for bringing their vision to life since the gift they desired was extremely different from standard gifts already available on the market. With the gift concept being original, distinctive and adored by everybody, the business concept of personalized giving according to demands was developed. Vasami was launched online within three weeks of research and planning with no significant expenditure or resources, just the vision of making it simpler for people with ideas to convert them into exceptional presents.

Vasami has various unique, trending Gift ideas that can be customized or personalized as per requirement, from affordable solutions to premium bespoke gifting. From memorable souvenirs, home decor, gift hampers, useful products that are tailor made for every need. Their gifts are available for everyone – family, couples, pets, friends, colleagues, professionals and more.

Mahek Pundir, Co-founder and CEO of Vasami India quotes, “Even with the storm of pandemic, our startup was able to capture people’s attention with the innovative gift solutions and our process focusing on the best possible way to make moments memorable.”

In the initial three months, they accepted pre-orders for a variety of ideas from their first customers. Soon after, they received so much support and encouragement for their idea that word quickly spread around about the new business in town. During the holiday season, they saw a significant increase in orders thanks to their extensive marketing plans and distinctive offerings. They decided to push their firm further after seeing how much potential it had and to offer a range of gift options to provide clients with the greatest possible experience.

The company has sold more than 2000 gifts and souvenirs in India, Dubai, the US, and Australia in its first two years of business. The firm began with local manufacturers and has already established a nationwide network of 25 merchants with more than 150 gifting alternatives. They focus on making ideas and concepts for the benefit of the public a reality, and are constantly open to new ones.

Recently, Vasami India took part in a number of exhibitions, including the IIC regional meet sponsored by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Symbiosis Pune, where they received positive comments on their goods and services. Their manufacturers and vendors have produced gifts for companies like Morgan Stanley, Swiggy, Galaxy, and for institutions like Symbiosis Pune, NMIMS, Rotaract, and Xavier’s Jamshedpur. They have recently added corporate gifting to their range of services, and they are now accepting orders for corporate gifts ranging from 50 to 1000 personalized products and beyond.

Vasami has established its online E-commerce store, to provide customers with simple and convenient gift buying alternatives. Customers also have the option of contacting their gift consultants if they have any unique gift requirements or need recommendations for the same. One may quickly select a gift from the site’s wide range of products, along with a choice of color and style options.

“We plan to Create a gift buying experience filled with creativity from our end, to convenience on the customer’s end so that they receive gifts that are designed with love, just for them”, adds the co-founder.

With the growing popularity of their gift suggestion process, the startup plans to introduce a unique application with AI based gift recommendation, data driven consulting and suggestions and reminders to their customers prior for their special occasions, adding blogs for unique ideas for various gifting opportunities.

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