Let’s Meet BBS Reddy an Entrepreneur from non-business family background, “founder of Collabgenics”.

BBS Reddy is professionally qualified with certificates CCRA & CIRA. Majorly in Banking and Finance sector. bootstrapped his own company with no family inheritance and is now leading a Finance empire in market with the vision to be the partner with of choice for Capital Market Sectors & Financial Leaders. Who are motivated to achieve their full potential. With a self-made mission forefront of investment management science and passionate about creating sustainable wealth for our clients

Mr. Reddy (Bharath Simha Reddy) was a young glad, who kickstarted his careers in Finance & Audit domain. And then started his own company with a zero investment and now successfully running up 5compniaes in the field of Finance & Technology. The major Business that he took up the intimate is Collabgenics.

Collabgenics is a leading professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in Finance, strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 25 industries and all business functions, Collabgenics works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With more than 500 people serving clients in over 5 countries, Collabgenics drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

Collab capital is a product of Collabgenics, which mainly delas in Handling the money of a individual. As we aim is to make everyone free from financial pressure life & make their lives Happy. 

In collab capital, public can look at all the stocks that are listed in the stock market & along with the mutual funds available in the market. It provides the complete data from the fundamental analysis to technical analysis. It gives the investors to undergo the risk profile to analyse their risk & leverage to the market and strength towards the earnings from the market. It also provides a unique service; user need to upload their portfolio in the prescribed format & team will examine the portfolio and provides the right suggestions what are the changes that need to be done in the portfolio.

Collabgenics also majorly focus on transaction advisory & Tax planning’s. almost covered 10+ countries in advising the transactions to be done. And how to choose the right investment in the startup’s as Collabgenics covers the startup planning & restructures, it provides multiple options in financial sectors. 

we spoke to Reddy to understand how Collabgenics became so successful in just 2 Years.

In his words: I always wondered with the moving numbers that I had seen in my childhood. By the time I read a number it used to be changed & I got irritated with that, but after few days I got a doubt why this numbers are changing for every fraction of second. That made to learn about the Stock Market and Money.

In that learning part I understood, what exactly the business means and how the business should run in the market for a long run.

In the learning stage I found that Money is necessary & it is important to life. After having a study on finance for a decade i.e., from 2007 to 2018. Life is with 10% of Money & 90% is relations, Family & Happiness, but lack of financial knowledge we started running on money and changed our life to 90% towards Money and only 10% to ourselves. It can bound back only if we have that financial knowledge and planning.

All this Motivated me to become a Entrepreneur. And dreaming to become a Tycoon.

I faced a lot of challenges in the market, where I meet many people & they used to advise a different things which are benefit for them only. In the first 6Months where we seen only failure no susses, but we taken a stand and worked on the unique product. The product made us today to stand with a strong voice.

Our main agenda & motto which runs in the mind is only 1 statement “user needs to finds the difference, by stating I’m the financials user of Collabgenics.  where I’m a person before Collabgenics & after Collabgenics”

Even we are working on a new product, i.e., Financial Valuation’s using the Technology.  by this every finance person will reduce the time of work. Along side we are taking care for society to with the Ngo SeedIT.

Collabgenics is the most loved financial & Management service on Google.
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