Let us know about a talented man – Santosh Kumar

Shri. N.V.S. Santosh Kumar is the founder of 7 NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. He did his BCA, LLB and MBA from a recognised University. He has 16 years of experience in Information technology for Government and Private sections. He started his society, “Spark Foundation,” in 2006. From there, he extended his services. In 2016, he registered the Nagaralu Welfare Society.

  2. NIRMAAN INTERNATION CENTER FOR RESEARCH -> WOMEN EMPOWERMENT & LGBT AWARENESS. Around 1000 women got benefited in skill development, and a few TG got benefitted. 
  3. ACHRV INDIAN FOUNDATION -> Anti-corruption, Drugs awareness and Human rights, Legal support ( Around 200 people got benefited in 6 months )
  4. Hands two help Indian Foundation -> Every day feed hungry people 500 by giving food, organic plantation.
  5. Save the Life and Sankalp Welfare Global Foundation -> Blood donation camps every year 4 times and every day by supporting donors and blood banks.
  6. Deepalaya Care Foundation -> Mobile Hospitality, health camps and LGBT, women empowerment around 5 medical centers and support TG from 6 months on skill programs. 
  7. Parth Foundation for Medical Sciences and Technology -> Est. School in Hyderabad and providing free education to 80 kids. Planned to establish own brand and extend services in education section all over India. 

Along with Mr Nagothi Venkata Satya Santosh Kumar, his brother Shri Lingipilli Ramakrishna is the Co-founder of all NGOs. Shir Nagothi Prakash, Pilla Venkata Ramana, Korajanji Kirna Kumar are additional directions as two of the organisation working on women empowerment Ms. Bhoomika H and Nagothi Bashani, Lavanya are directors for women based organisation, and 6 transgender people are part of the board Mrs. Ramba, Mrs. Sai Kalyani, Mrs. Dhanamma, Mrs. Madhu, etc.

His services are recognised by US Based Education institute called The Ophany University and they have given him Honour Doctorate and form India Bharath Virtual University For Peace & Education given Honour Doctorate in the field of Education & Social Services to Shri Dr. Nagothi Venkata Satya Santosh Kumar. He aims to establish free mobile medical camps, free services and free education intuitions (50%) in all his branches planned for 2023-2024. He is looking for CSR support, and he likes to tie up and works with international and local companies. 

He has done around 24 medical camps, 24 batches of skill development programmers and Women, Girl safety awareness. His team did legal support to poor so many. Mr. Surya and Mr. Jagadeesh is the Major person who is taking responsibility for medical camps as they both are medical domain Mr. K.Hemanth Kumar and Mr. Ankiet (Advocate), Mr Rahul Kapoor (Advocate) and Mr. Natarajoon (Advocate) helping poor people from ACHRV Indian foundation.

Mr. Santosh is planning to establish an e-app to help and Support the Young starts who are interested in the start they start-up by the support and he is designed and developed an eCommerce site to support the TG & Women and other support people by launching this app to self stain the people who work in his NGO.

Mr. Santosh won the World Book of record award twice in 2020 and 2021 for the UK, and he received the covid warrior award from a different organization. In covid time Mr. Santosh and Mr L Ramakrishna support around 5000+ people by providing food and helping a few old age homes and orphan homes by providing ration for 3 months and 1000+ transgender families with 3 months ration in Chennai, Vijayawada and Vishakhapatnam. 

As of date, Mr. Santosh and Mr L. Ramakrishna both spend money from their salaries, and they used to work on a social cause. Mr. L Ramakrishna also got awarded as Covid warrier.  

Both of them AIM to bring the change and transparency in their NGOs and both mindsets are same to help other incoming future they planning to do marriage from their NGOs yearly once for 20 members and already Deepalaya Care foundation adopted one Old age home and one orphan home … coming feature they planning to do more and est. They own a community center and old age, orphan homes, mobile hospital and education institute for better support. 

Mr. Santosh and Mr. LRK achieved good milestones from the NGO getting recognized, and they are enemies who do bad propaganda on the NGOs who left the Ngo wanted to make them down. But both always think we do good whatever comebacks they are ready to accept with a smile. “All brains are not same so work with smile and support with heart” by Santosh.,

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