LAUNCH OF ‘THE CORPORATE PUZZLE’ BY Varsha Chitnis & Monika Divekar

Newsnownation along with Griffin Publications released the book – ‘The Corporate Puzzle’ published by Griffin Publication, on 5 March 22, Saturday, amidst an august gathering which included Chief Guest Shiju. H Palitazheth- Founder of World’s largest Writing Forum from Oman, Guest Speakers Lilian Woo, eminent Poetess and Author from Malaysia, Dr Anang G Naik – Managing Director Beginup Research Intelligence Pvt Lmt Bangalore, Mr Jitendra Kumar- Director at FET Solutions and Mary Luiz – retired corporate maestro and poet.

‘The Corporate Puzzle’by Varsha and Monika talks about the REAL challenges in the workplace – getting noticed by the right people, dealing with harmful elements, grabbing the right opportunities, becoming an expert, and balancing your professional success and personal life. It covers challenges that few will admit. It shares brilliant strategies to put together the pieces of the corporate puzzle. It guides you to reach the top of the corporate ladder.The book explores the real situations faced by people of different ages. It states strategies used to win at various stages of your career.

As successful entreprenuers and behaviour consultants themselves, authors Monika Divekar & Varsha Chitnis have taken a look into the mind of 12 brilliant leaders and have come up with ’50 mantras’ to achieve professional and personal success. The authors have derived the common elements from the greatest wins, dispelled myths, given specifics, and articulated the secrets of success.
It is a streetsmart business book – that makes it a crucial read for anyone interested in career success and personal fulfilment.

The Chief Guest Shiju. H Palitazheth began with his motivated words speaking about the complications of Corporate life and the importance of success mantras mentioned in the book for every individual trying to achieve success in their careers. He enthralled the audience with his wonderful verse on ‘Women’ which very much linked with every woman trying to grab the opportunities of their career fields summing up the authors’ views on women and the corporate world.
Guest Speaker Lilian Woo appreciated the authors and spoke about the key rules of corporate life. Dr Anand G Naik expressed the struggles faced by every new comer in the corporate world and the complications faced by the professionals in this corporate industry. Mr Jitendra Kumar wished the authors and said that the book ‘Corporate Puzzle’ can be a guide to the people of all ages working in this industry. Mary Luiz, who spent 30 years in the corporate world brought out the differences in the work culture in the seventies from the present scenario.

Anjelina Castellini presented a crisp review on the book and appreciated the authors.

Chief Guest Shiju H Palitazheth specifically thanked NEWSNOWNATION for all their efforts to promote Language, Literature and the Authors.
The book was released on the platform of Newsnownation where the author was interviewed by the moderator of the event.
CEO Griffin Publication Mousumi K Sachdeva ended the show with her vote of thanks.
Griffin Publications thanked Newsnownation for giving space to Language, Literature and Creativity which definitely makes them stand unique.
The book is available on Amazon and the link to grab the book is as below-

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