Larger Version Of Redesigned Apple iMac May Come With 32-Inch Display, M1X/ M2X SoC


Apple recently launched the M1-powered 24-inch iMac that came with a major redesign for the Apple desktop PC. Now, there are reports about a larger version of the redesigned iMac, which is speculated to come with a more powerful version of Apple’s M-series Silicon chips. According to a Bloomberg report, a larger iMac is on its way with an M1X or M2X chipset. Although the report does not detail any timeline, the larger iMac is said to come in 2022, and it could house a display as large as 32-inch, rumours suggest.

In January, Bloomberg had reported that Apple planned to replace both the 21.7-inch iMac and the 27-inch iMac with new, redesigned models that will come with Apple’s in-house silicon chipsets. Apple earlier this year introduced its first Apple Silicon-based iMac that came in a 24-inch size and a new design that shoterned the chin, trimmed the bezels, and shrinks the enclosure to make it 11.5 milimeters slim. For the larger iMac, if Apple goes with the same redesign, it can fit a 32-inch display on the larger version. Apple’s new design helps make the 24-inch iMac smaller than the 21.5-inch iMac it replaced, hence, a new larger iMac could have a similar footprint to the 27-inch intel iMac, while having a larger display.

Apple launched the 24-inch iMac in several different colours, but reports online suggest that the larger iMac model won’t come with as many colour options. This, because the larger iMac will be considered a ‘Pro’ version of iMac and may come with more limited colour options.

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